Monday, 14 November 2016

SaBuy (on Etsy) Lauren Jauregui 96 Sweatshirt sponsored review

If you've seen my October favourites post, then you'll know that I recently discovered and fell in love with the band Fifth Harmony, and that my favourite of its members in Lauren Jauregui.

Well, I’m very, very pleased to bring you this review today - because it’s to do with both Fifth Harmony and Lauren Jauregui, and a really comfy jumper, or sweatshirt, my favourite things!

SaBuy, an independent seller of clothing on Etsy has very kindly sent me one of their lovely sweatshirts to review on my blog - one that shows my support of Fifth Harmony, and my favourite member, no less! And it’s safe to say that I’m absolutely in love with it for a variety of reasons - it’s fit, it’s quality, it’s colours, it’s perfect in every way. But here’s a run-down of my thoughts in a more concise manner...

First things first - shipping. My sweatshirt arrived really quickly to say that it was sent from Thailand, and was packaged really well, which I really appreciated. (And let’s be honest, fast shipping is a rarity when I compare SaBuy’s super fast shipping with how other online stores have sent their clothes… so that’s a big plus), and overall their service was incredible - they posted the sweatshirt out really quickly and were both very quick and helpful in their correspondence, which is all that you want from an online store, and more.

It's such a comfortable sweatshirt as well - I got a size large and it's the perfect size. Not too tight or too baggy - it fits really well, and I love wearing it. It’s quite literally become the favourite piece of clothing that I own - it’s that comfortable, I’m not kidding. It’s really soft, and thanks to the sizing I got one that is lovely and oversized… and I don’t ever want to take it off. If you’re looking for clothing that’s both amazing in terms of design and fit, then you can’t go wrong with what SaBuy offers.

The colour of my sweatshirt is absolutely beautiful too, a soft cream with a deep, vivid maroon for the printing on mine. It’s a great colour scheme - really eye-catching, showing the quality of the printing and sweatshirt - as the colours are so strong and there’s no fading at all. If those particular colours aren’t your thing though, not to worry - Sabuy also offers other colour schemes, and you can even get certain designs printed on either the front or back of your shirt or sweatshirt, if you’d like, and for no extra charge as well, which is amazing!

The printing is also an incredible standard, in all honesty it’s probably the best printing quality compared to any other printed shirt or sweatshirt that I’ve purchased online. It’s just overall incredible quality, especially considering its affordable price, for such a good quality piece of clothing.

SaBuy also has lots of other products and designs available, (some designs being based on TV, films and music, and others are hilarious designs based on funny quotes and others just being sweatshirts and shirts having beautiful visual designs printed on them) so even if you're not a fan of Fifth Harmony specifically, you'll definitely be able to find a design on there that you'll love - guaranteed. Just check out their store and see for yourself.

So you’re looking for a shirt or sweatshirt that’s cute, stylish (and gloriously represents your favourite bands or fandoms, or just makes you smile) then SaBuy on Etsy is the place to go. Wearing my Jauregui sweatshirt not only makes me smile so wide because I’m supporting my favourite band member, but also because I’m supporting them in such a stylish, comfortable way - honestly, I wasn’t lying when I say that I love this sweatshirt for a variety of reasons. I love it that much that it's kinda hard to express my thoughts other than to just rave about how amazing it is, but I'm being honest when I say that it's so great, so warm and comfortable and cute and of good quality, as well as being 100% worth every single penny.

So SaBuy is the perfect place to shop on Etsy, especially if you’re looking for a gift - either for a special occasion, or Christmas - or you’d just like to treat yourself, then I 100% recommend purchasing from them. You definitely won’t regret it, it’s an amazing shop with some outstanding clothing available, and I can’t wait to get more from them.

They’re one of the best Etsy sellers I’ve dealt with, and this sweatshirt is honestly so wonderful, and they offer such great service and clothing, that I honestly can’t wait to buy from them in the future. It’s definitely worth it!


This is a sponsored review, so the product was sent to me in exchange for this honest review. Please note that every single word of the review is my 100% genuine, honest opinion of the product and hasn't been affected by the sponsored nature of the review at all - it's just genuinely what I think. Thanks!

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