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Monthly Favourites: October 2016

October 2016

Hey everyone!

Long time no see... I started university in September, which has led me to neglect my blog a little - I'm so sorry! But fingers crossed now things have settled down a bit, I can get back updating my blog a fair bit. 

And what better post to bring you after a bit of a hiatus then one of my favourite ones to write (and ironically one of the ones that I'm the worst at actually posting - haha) then a monthly favourites post for October.

So without further ado... here are my October favourites (in no particular order!)

Fifth Harmony - 7/27


I'm fairly late to the party on this one, I know. But thanks to one of my other favourites listed below - Spotify - I discovered Fifth Harmony's latest album, 7/27, in my recommended section. I'd heard a few of their songs on the radio and liked them, and I was looking for new music to listen to, so I thought, why not? One listen to the album later and I was an instant Fifth Harmony fan. It's funny because I've never really had a band-faze (like some of my friends, who love the likes of Little Mix or One Direction) but yup, here we are. Fifth Harmony sound incredible as a group and as individuals, and 7/27 is one incredible album - it has everything, fast upbeat songs, slow jams, and even the odd ballad that has lyrics that'll make a few tears spring to your eyes. Don't ask me to pick a favourite though - they're all so great. You can listen to the full album on Spotify here, and if you do I guarantee that you'll get all of the songs stuck in your head - in a good way. (And if anyone asks, my favourite member is Lauren Jauregui).



I love music - and honestly I don't know why I resisted getting Spotify for so long. Thanks to a student discount meaning that I get it for considerably cheaper than most a month, it's incredible value for money to get a premium account. I can listen to so much music (online and offline) - their playlists are great, too, and thanks to Spotify I've discovered so much new music, and even found old favourite songs that I've forgotten about. 

Hayley Kiyoko - Citrine 


Hayley Kiyoko is an artist I've been following for a long time - she's a real favourite artist of mine, and her new EP. 'Citrine', is absolutely outstanding. She combines catchy, foot-tapping beats and incredibly memorable lyrics in some absolutely amazing songs on the EP. Don't ask me to pick a favourite from this album either - every single song on it is worthy of the mantle. If you like upbeat electro pop that's really well produced and performed - then please listen to 'Citrine' - you won't regret it.

Fuzzy Tangle Toy Jr


If you know me, you know that I fidget (which usually takes the form of nail-biting or playing with my hands). Both are habits that I've tried really hard to break in the past to no avail - I've tried everything and nothing really worked. That is, until thanks to Tumblr I discovered Tangle Toys - toys that you can twirl around your fingers and hands to keep them busy. Most use them to work, and they're used as stim and fidget toys as well. After some research I discovered that you can get tangle toys in all sorts of different sizes and textures, and I decided on a Fuzzy Tangle Toy Jr. It's amazing - it feels like felt so it's really soft, but it's really helped me stop biting my nails and fidgeting as much, it even helps me concentrate as well. It's so good that I've used it so much, the felt is wearing away now, so I'll have to get a new one soon. But I really recommend a tangle toy is you fidget too!

So those are my favourites from last month! What are yours?

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