Sunday, 27 March 2016

Monthly Favourites: March 2016


This is a blog feature that I started last year, vowing to keep it up... and, just didn't. (Oops).

But maybe that's just because I haven't really had any proper real favourites for a while, but this month I have some really, really cool favourites that I love a lot.

So here they are! :)

A5 BLACK - Black N' Red Notebook

I'm really into bullet journalling at the moment (I might make another post explaining how that I bullet journal and things, but it's part journalling and part to do lists. It really helps me keep motivated!) So I bought a Black N' Red notebook to bullet journal in, and after using it for a few weeks, I can tell you that it is perfect. 

I love the colour scheme, the pages are amazing quality and are great to write on, the cover has a lovely feel, it's great value for money and it comes in a variety of sizes and types of notebook (but the BLACK in A5 is great for me!)

The pages are also numbered and you can write in your own date for every page, which is another great aspect of the notebook! (There's even a contents page, so you can keep all your journalling/notes organised, and a pocket at the back of the notebook to keep any loose documents and things in!) Honestly, everything about this notebook just makes it 100% more amazing.

Basically, this is a wonderful notebook and I think I've found the brand of notebook that I'll be using for the foreseeable future - it's just that good! I'd definitely recommend getting a Black N' Red notebook if you'd like to try a new brand/type of notebook - it won't disappoint!


Because I am currently in love with my bullet journal, I decided to order a few stickers and postcards from to decorate it.

The quality of the stickers is outstanding - so much so that I don't really want to stick them down! But they're also really affordable so I know that if I do stick them down, I can easily order some more and my bank account and I won't regret it. Redbubble also have lots of discount codes, often 20% off - so it's usually possible that you can get a discount off your order, too!

The postcards are printed really well, too - it just makes me want to go back onto Redbubble and order loads more, just so I can stick them in my journal!

If you like stickers/postcards and so much more that are great quality (Redbubble print everything from shirts to tote bags) then I would definitely recommend checking out Redbubble!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I have exams in a few months so I needed something funny and light-hearted to watch during my revision breaks to take my mind off things - and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that show.

It's so funny without being discriminatory or rude - every character is really well written and goes through lots of endearing development, as well as supplying lots of laughs. 

I love crime/cop shows, and B99 is no exception - but it's a nice change to the gritty ones that I usually watch. If you're looking for a new show that gets everything right (from the humour, to the representation of female and LGBT characters) then Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show you should definitely start watching!

So these are my favourites for March! What are yours?

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