Friday, 12 February 2016

Should you re-read books?

Last week, I stumbled upon a book I read when I was about 10, in primary school. I remember loving it at the time - I pretty much devoured it, I remember being enthralled by the plot and some of the characters, and the way it was written - by pretty much everything about it. Basically, it was one of my favourite books from the time that I was growing up.

To say that nearly 8 years have gone by since I first read it, I can even remember some of the dialogue and the names of the characters, which I think is pretty impressive, to say that I only read it through once before having to take it back to the library. (It took me a while to finish a book when I was younger - I'm a bit quicker at reading now I've grown up a bit.)

The only thing is, my memory is pretty unreliable most of the time, and by that I mean is that while I could remember some parts of the book, like part of the plot and some characters - I couldn't actually remember the title, or the author. Oops.

What can I say? Having a reliable memory is definitely not one of my strong points.

Thankfully, Google exists, and I quickly found the book again. But not only that - I found out that this book that I loved so much, was actually part of a series - something that I never knew at the time I read it, because I’d of definitely picked up the second book soon after finishing the first.

Obviously I was really pleased to find this out. To find out that I could revisit all the characters that I loved so much, and actually find out what happened to them after the events of the first book.

But after researching the series for a bit, I started thinking - would the characters be as amazing as I remember them? Would the story captivate me as much as it used to? Or would I pick up the first book, read it again, and then read books two and three and not be all that impressed at all? All because in the years after finishing it, my brain remembers it, only partly, as this amazing book that defined a part of my life. (I can remember reading it at school, vividly.)

Not because the writer is bad or anything, not at all - but because the rose-tinted glasses of my past has made some perfect book, just because of nostalgia. I'm worried that I will read it again, and be disappointed because it falls a little short of how godly my brain has made it. That it will be a great book, but I’ll still be disappointed because nostalgia has turned it into something that it’s not.

So, should I reread the book? Should anyone reread books, especially if you haven’t read that particular books in a good few years?


  1. Nice gif :)
    Maria V.

  2. I always advocate the re-reading of books; especially books from your childhood. And even if the characters aren't as magical and the plot isn't as wonderful as it was when you first read it, the sense of comfortability and nostalgia over powers that. If I've done a lot of uni reading (and studying English, there's a lot of it!) one of my favourite things to do is read a book from my childhood - be it Matilda by Roald Dahl or The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis - because it always cheers me up. :)