Sunday, 4 October 2015

UKMG Extravaganza Blog Tour: Kate Maryon!

I'm so excited to be able to interview the lovely Kate Maryon today! I've been really lucky to be able to interview her for my part in the UKMG Blog Tour, and here are the questions!

If you could meet any one of your characters, who would it be and why?

I'd love to meet Gabriella from Invisible Girl - I'd love to give her a huge hug and tell her that everything will be ok. I'd like to bring her home and tuck her into a fresh comfy bed. And make her a bowl of delicious soup. Oh, there's so much I'd love to do for her.

How would you describe your writing process?

Organic - I don't have any rigid routine, I let things flow.

What inspires your writing? 

Mmmm, my own childhood inspires my writing, as well as my own children, and being a Mum - I also get lots of inspiration from meeting children when I visit schools, and from newspaper articles, current affairs etc, from seeing a child walking down the road and I wonder... what's their story - what's their life about?

Can you remember the first story you ever wrote?

Yes, the first story I ever wrote was a picture book about a boy called James and his dog.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?

Write what you love, believe in yourself, write, write, write, read, read read, watch films, observe life.

If you could reread any book so you experienced it for the first time, which would you choose, and why? 

It would have to be Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now. I'd love to reread it as if I'd never read it before because the story unfurls like a rich and colourful tapestry that I'd love to eat. I love the writing style, the fact that there aren't any speech marks, the fact that it's just all round BRILLIANT!

How do you decide the titles of your books?

I always wait until I've finished the book before I choose a title - then I reread it and a word or a sentence just leaps out of the text and says, Me! Me! Me!

Can you remember the first book you ever read?

Probably a Janet and John story at school - oh, I loved them with all my heart - I loved making sense of the words. 

If you had to choose, which is the favourite book you've written and why?
Impossible to choose - it would be like choosing which of my children I love the most!

If you could have dinner with any famous author, who would it be?
Well, I've already had lunch with Jacqueline Wilson and I've had dinner and sleepovers with Cathy Cassidy, a lovely walk with Meg Rosoff and lunch and parties with Andy Stanton, so it would have to be Jandy Nelson who wrote The Sky is Everywhere and I'll Give You The Sun as I love her writing style. 

Quick Fire:

Tea or Coffee? Hot Chocolate
Cats or Dogs? Dog
E-books or physical books? Physical books, every time!
Hardback or paperback? Paperback
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset
Pink or Blue? Blue
Bands or Solo singers? Solo singers
Chocolate or crisps? CHOCOLATE!!!!
TV or Radio? TV
Typing or Handwriting? Typing 
Summer or winter? Summer
Romance or mystery? Romance
Fact or Fiction? Fiction
Football or Rugby? Hate both!
Travelling or Home? Both
Seaside or City? Seaside

Thanks so much Kate! 

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