Saturday, 1 August 2015

Monthly Favourites: July



It's been a packed month (with Camp Nanowrimo occupying most of it) but I've still had time to find some favourites for this month. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Lilo and Stitch Mini Tsum Tsums

I've heard about Tsum Tsums for a while, but it wasn't until I ventured into my local Disney store last month that I found a Lilo and a Stitch Mini Tsum Tsum! 'Lilo and Stitch' is my favourite Disney film, so I pretty much had to have them, and they're super cute! They were only £3 each, too - so they're also really affordable. If you love a certain Disney character - whether that be Donald Duck or even Queen Elsa, you need to get their Mini Tsum Tsum. They're so cute!

2. Marvel stationary from Home Bargains

Here's something else film related - I love Marvel, and I went into my local Home Bargains shop and found this Marvel A4 notepad and pencil case, both for under £4! How good is that? They're both really well-made and are covered in Marvel characters such as The Wolverine, The Thing, Spiderman and Captain America. They're perfect for when I go back to college in September, but they're also great for anyone that loves stationary and comics.

4. Here - Alessia Cara

Here's a music favourite. Here by Alessia Cara is a gorgeous, catchy song about being an introvert. No, really - it's about not wanting to be at a party. How cool is that? It's guaranteed to be on replay, as it's the perfect song for someone like me, who can absolutely relate, and because it's just a brilliant song. Alessia Cara is definitely one to watch, she's really talented, and I can't wait for her EP to come out soon.

5. LibriVox 

If you like to listen to audio-books, and haven't heard of LibriVox before, your mind is about to be blown. It's a site that had dramatisations and audiobooks of nearly every book in the public domain. It's great for any books you might be studying, and is just the best website for anyone that likes to listen to books as well as read them. With all of its recordings done by volunteers, and everything on there free - it's a fantastic site. It's also a free app on both Android and iOS, so you can listen on the go!

So those are my favourites for July. What are yours?

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