Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Some of the best bookish stuff I've ever seen! Out of Print review


Lately I've been really lucky because have sent me some of their products in exchange for an honest review. Out Of Print are an online shop that sell the most amazing bookish merchandise. You can buy shirts, fleeces prints, tote bags, pouches, tank tops, even socks, based on your favourite books, and even your favourite parts of libraries! I've been a big fan of their store for a long time now, so it's amazing that I've had this opportunity. 

So here's what I think of:

The service:

Everyone at Out of Print is so nice - they're always happy to help, and will answer your queries within a few days maximum. They've been a pleasure to work with - they're really professional, but also really love what they do, and that shows in their customer service. They're not just a business that wants you to buy from them, they care about you as a customer, too, and want to give you the most quality service they can.

They achieve this, too, because even though they're based in the US, their delivery only took a few days after the order was sent, even though I live in the UK! 

When you buy from them, you're also helping others, too - because with every product sold, Out of Print will donate a book to someone in need in through their partner Books For Africa. 

They have a lot of different products on offer, as well - Do you like George Orwell? Jane Austen? Lewis Carroll? Well they have items based on those author's books, and loads more! I had the option of choosing any products, and even searching the store is like a dream - it was so hard to choose! 

The Gatsby Fleece:

Usually when I buy jumpers online, the sizes are never great and sometimes I have to send them back because they're way too big, because I'm really short. I found that this doesn't happen all the time with this jumper, though - because even though I probably ordered a size too big (oops!) It still looks amazing as an oversized jumper. I would advise you to take measurements before you place an order, but if you do find that your items are a little big, they'll still look and feel great! (Out of Print also had a exchange service if you feel that you need to exchange your shirts/fleeces for a different size, though).

The jumper is really, really comfortable, too. I'm not kidding - it's the most comfortable piece of clothing I own! It feels like I'm wrapped in clouds or something. And that's only a slight exaggeration, because I love the feel of this jumper. Everyone needs to own a fleece-y jumper, and I'd definitely recommend that you get one from Out of Print! 

The quality of the print is so good, too. You know that it's not going to fade when you wash it, and it's so good that you can actually buy clothes online that have quality printing. 

Also, when you wear it, you get the added urge to keep saying 'old sport' after every sentence, so that's a definite added bonus, old sport. (Okay, that's a joke, but honestly finally being able to wear an awesome jumper dedicated to one of my favourite books makes me smile). 

The Catcher in the Rye pennant:

As soon as I saw this, I knew it was going to become one of the favourite things that I'll ever own. The Catcher in the Rye is one of my favourite books, and so to finally have some merchandise dedicated to it has pretty such made my life. 

We can't get pennants for our universities in the UK (not that I know of) so this is my first experience with one (other than those that I've seen in films and in the background of YouTube videos). 

It's made of really thick, quality fabric, and the printing is the same great quality that I found on the fleece jumper. I love seeing it in my room, and I think it's something really cool - I love how unique the bookish items that Out of Print are. It's not just shirts and jumpers (not that they're not amazing either) but you can buy things like really awesome, well-made pennants to show off your love for the classics, too, and it just shows how committed Out of Print are to giving you the best they can for your money, and love for books! 

The only thing I could say is that the pennant could be rolled up or packaged a little better, because when I opened my package it was a little creased, but other than that, the pennant is all that I thought it would be, and more! It's a lovely addition to my room, and would also make a great gift.

Do I recommend Out of Print?

Absolutely! It's been a pleasure to work with them, they're an amazing business that sells quality products. 

Do you love the classics? Do you love bookish items? Then Out of Print is definitely for you. Watch out, though - because you'll probably find all of their items on your (early) Christmas list.

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