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Flora in Love by Natasha Farrant review!

Here's what it says on Goodreads

Just when Bluebell thought her crazy family were behaving normally, her parents make an announcement that could turn everything upside down.

If only Zoran, their au pair, would come back to live with them. Unfortunately he's too busy teaching guitar to his new protege, Zachary Smith.

Blue is jealous at first, until Zach starts helping her little sister with a secret project and becomes a regular visitor at the Gadsby house.

Then Zach goes missing. Blue needs her family to pull together if they're going to find him...

I absolutely adore this series, I loved the first book, and this one was even better then that one, in my opinion. I can't find fault with it, the writing was as great as ever - I never got bored while reading, there was always a new surprise on the next page, and the narrative kept you reading on and on. I finished this book the day I got it - it was that good!

I could honestly read about the Gadsby family all day. Not only are they kooky, crazy and just fun to read about, but Natasha writes them so that they are the most realistic and loveable family that I've had the pleasure of reading about in a very long time. I hope this series goes on for a while, because I'm never going to want to stop reading about Bluebell Gadsby and her family. 

Natasha Farrant can never disappoint when her writing is concerned. I've often found that sequels in a series are often lacking for some reason - but not this one. The characters, even though you're familar with them, are entertaining and as fantastic as ever. The plot is amazing - easy to read, emotional and so brilliant, not at all predicable like most books these days. This is one of the best series, and books I've read in a while - I very nearly cried at one point, it was that good. If I can recommend any great book series at the minute - it would be The Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby.  

Flora in Love is a very touching, very real book about family, love and loss. Never been have I been swept up in a narrative that tells truths concerning relationships (like one between Zach and his mother) without sugar coating them. Instead, Natasha handles them all so well when writing them, thus making this book so much more influential and important. Everyone should pick up this book - I can't stop raving about it. 

The layout of the book, like in After Iris, keeps the books being even more original and refreshing. I love the switching from film transcripts and diary entries - I could definitely see Bluebell as a director one day!  

So I'm going to give this book 9/10, because it's so, so good. How I've missed the Gadsby family - I can't wait for the next instalment in the series! ...While you're waiting, you should please pick this book up on amazon, or at your local bookshop and give it a read! ;)

Everyone should read Natasha Farrant, because people who don't are seriously missing out, because in my opinion, she's one of the best YA writers of our time. Thank you for another great book, and for sending me this copy to review, Natasha! I really appreciate it and look forward to your next book. :)  

While you still can: Please remember to vote for Natasha Farrant to be the next Queen of Teen HERE - no one deserves it more! Voting closes tomorrow I believe. 

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