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Flirty Duets bundle - amazing SPONSORED REVIEW!

**Sorry for my terrible photography skills, I'm really not good at taking photos - please don't be put off the actual items because of me, as they're absolutely amazing! Sorry about this**

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to today with a sponsored review of an absolutely mind-blowing bundle, consisting of gorgeous pieces of jewellery made my the extremely talented, and lovely, Hailey - AKA Flirty Duets! :) It really is an honour to be able to do this for you! Thank you!

Now I know most people are hesitant to admit to sponsored reviews, be me? Absolutely not.
I can honestly, and proudly say that the generous Hailey was kind enough to send me four whole pieces of jewellery to review today, from her flawless store, Flirty Duets. Thank you so, so, so much - Hailey!! I really appreciate this, as your store is absolutely flawless. Everyone be sure to check the Flirty Duets store out, here, please! As it is one of the best stores I've ever seen. I'm not kidding!

Okay, the first item I'm going to review for you today is the fantastic Courage Necklace! :)

Doesn't it look gorgeous?

The detail on this necklace is amazing. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing I can fault about it! :) Every letter, every edge, every colour, everything - is absolutely perfect!

The lettering of the word 'Courage' is so clear on the roughly 3m charm that it looks like this looks like it has come from the show (Glee) itself! seriously, this necklace is so flawless that it looks just like something made by the show - even better actually! 

This necklace really is so impressive - it's the most gorgeous and well-made piece of handmade jewellery that I've had the pleasure of owning!

The lettering is really clear and crisp and pretty, too. So you even can't go wrong with the back of this necklace, either! The edges on the necklace are jagged, but not so sharp that they add anything dangerous to this necklace. So it's perfect for everyone! :) and there's no need to worry about that either, which is great.

The lovely glossy cover of the picture also adds a perfect touch to this necklace. It isn't too glossy that it overshadows the necklace by being too shiny or too thick or too thin.. or anything like that. It is in fact just absolutely perfect. This cover does not just protect the charm amazingly well, but it also compliments the charm perfectly, as well. It is a perfect addition to this necklace as it just hows how even more wonderful this necklace really is. 

This necklace is also a really subtle nod to the show Glee. This is also another thing that really blew me away about this necklace, is because it's such a lovely subtle nod. It's not 'in your face', so that everyone would guess where it originated from straight away - it's original, it's elegant and it's beautiful - and I love it.
Unfortunately, I so often find that many show-themed pieces of jewellery are ones that you see again and again - because they usually are the same old, same old ideas again and again - but this time - you get so much more than that. You get a quality piece of jewellery from a superb crafter and person. I really do love this necklace! and so does everyone else, as I get so many great comments about it as when I wear it. Which just shows that this isn't just a necklace for Glee fans! It really is perfect for everyone! and to say that it is handmade just clinches it, really. :)

Another thing that I really like about this necklace is that it has a perfect length. 
The chain is dainty but really pretty as it shows of the charm as it hangs between the collar bone and bust on girls. This really does complete this great necklace in the best way, and I am so impressed. 

So the next item I have to review for you today is the outstanding Starry Night Ring!

I really, really like this ring. I actually don't think that I've ever liked a Doctor Who related piece of jewellery so much - ever! It really is stunning. It's such a gentle, inauspicious, design - but at the same time it really packs a punch and is absolutely gorgeous. 
The piece of art on this ring is stunning, it really is.

The colours are bright and vibrant, but still kind and mesmerising at the same time. Looking into the design on the ring  is like looking into the universe - it really is the epitome of stunning! 

It's a great nod to the show, too, as there is only a really small yet amazing reference to Doctor Who. I'd never realised how much I actually needed this ring in my life until it arrived, actually! :)

One thing I hate when buying rings is that they don't fit, and you can't do anything about it - so you lose out on a great ring. But not this time!! 

This ring is actually adjustable, so it will fit anyone - so there's no need to worry about that, which is amazing. 

Now I know that again, this might be a little detail to some - but it also really compliments the whole ring, to me, and really makes wearing the ring that whole bit better. 
I've been wearing the ring and I've just had so many positive comments surrounding it! 

The third item that I have to review for you today is the extraordinary Bird Locket! :)

Every little detail about this necklace is absolutely perfect, honestly. This really is the most beautiful locket I've ever seen! It's so clever and really, really pretty. I just love it! :)

It has the Dalton Academy Warbler symbol printed really beautifully crisp and clearly onto this absolutely gorgeous locket. The black, white and grey colour of the print really adds a special something to the whole necklace as well :) 

The whole necklace is elegant, yet subtle in showing your love for the Warblers! It's a fantastic length, has a great look and is another favourite of mine :)

There were a few other amazing products that were sent to me, but unfortunately I can't link you to them as the site is down at the moment! HOWEVER, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME THEM HAYLEY. I LOVE THEM! 

Please check out the amazing Flirty Duets store when it's back up, and buy something! Honestly you won't regret it! :D 

I'd give it 10/10, as it is amazing! Thanks again :)

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