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Geekhood: Mission Improbabable by Andy Robb review!

This is my second review for the BBC! :)

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I'm so sorry that I've been so absent here, lately! I've been swamped with both revision and exams for weeks, so I've unfortunately had to give up my reading. (I know, I know!) But fortunately, that's all over with, for now, so here I am again! I do apologise for not being around, but I hope I can make up for it, now. Let's start off with a really good book, shall we? :)

Title of the book: Geekhood: Mission Improbable
Date published: 4th March 2013
Publisher: Stripes publishing
Length of the book: 352 pages
Author of the book: Andy Robb
Price: £6.99 (paperback)
Series: The Geekhood series
Follow-up: N/A 
Where I got the book: The extremely generous and very brilliant author himself, Mr Andy Robb! I'm very sorry that this review is so long overdue, but I really, really appreciate the honour of being able to do this review for you - thank you ever so much for the copy! It was amazing.
Genre: YA
Available on: Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), and at all good book retailers! 

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

This cover really is just Geekhood all over. 'What do you mean by that?' You ask. Well, by that - I mean that it's bloody brilliant. 
It's bright, it's colourful, and it's really, really, just, great. I again, really do love the main text, and how it incorporates all lovely Geeky things like a Viking helmet (ahahahahaha... sorry that part in the book made me laugh. Quite a lot.)  and swords, and everything else! Gah, I love this font.  Is there anywhere I can get it? (Not forgetting the smaller text as well, I really do love the font on this book! It really adds a fantastic edge).
But not only that, I really love the little comic-characters on the front of this cover, as well. They're gorgeous! (Poor Archie, though!) However, I really do like them, and this cover! It really is great.

Archie is back! This time, though, something has changed. Archie.. gets a girlfriend! But not really. He actually has landed himself in a fauxmance of epic proportions with the gorgeous Clare, while trying to woo back the lovely Sarah. And along with problems with the ever annoying Tony, his real can't-txt-4-his-lyfe dad and his own mates... you could say that things are going that well. Almost as well as a raid on a giant dragons cave, actually... 

Never have I been both surprised, humoured and overjoyed due a sequel to a book before! It is absolutely brilliant! It was packed with so much I didn't expect, along with so much character development, some absolute gold laugh-out-loud moments, a great plot, and so much perfection and Geeky-ness that I could've exploded! It's so rich with great writing that it really was a real pleasure to read! Thanks ever so much to Andy Robb, you've not only done it again - but the Geekhood series is definitely one of the best book series that I've ever had the honour to read! Blimey, this book really did have it all.

Once again, the instant we open the book, Archie whisks us away into his world. He is the most real - and hilarious - teenage boy narrator that I've ever read. Not only do is EM and IM, make an amazing comeback, but the ever-great IM really does provide some excellent one-liners. God, it really does put my IM to shame. I love those parts so much! They're probably my favourite parts in the book and I really wish that we could see more of Archie's EM and IM in the future. The inclusion of those in the Geekhood books really does make them that little bit more special, in my eyes - and it's just extra proof how perfect Mission Improbable actually is.

However, another favourite part of this book is definitely the LARPing. (Can you believe I've never heard of it before?!) But really, those parts are absolutely perfect. Everything just seemed so magical and wondrous as Robb described every second of Archie's awesome LARPing action. I'm definitely going to go LARPing at some point soon during the future! (Do they do Doctor Who LARPs? I hope so). Also, if you don't know what I'm talking about right now with the LARPing - please go and read Mission Improbable! Andy describes it so brilliantly and much better than I ever can - so that's another reason to please go and read this great book!

My favourite character is a really difficult challenge for me, though. I really do love them all! The characters that were already established in Geekhood are still as fantastic as they were before (if not better!) but then we have some wonderful new characters that deserve some love as well!! Argh, this is a hard one. I'll have to cheat a little and say all of them, because Andy Robb doesn't just write one stand-alone great character - he writers a load of them. A whole crew of wonderful, realistic, barmy characters that you'll love and laugh with all over again (or for the first time, depending if you read this before Geekhood) await you in the stellar book - you really do have to read it to truly understand what I'm rambling on about, but trust me, when you do - you'll want to tell everyone how absolutely brilliant this book is, too.

Because this is most definitely the best sequel of a book that I've ever read. I'd say that both Geekhood and this book are probably the best duet (?) of books that I've ever read, too. I really can't get enough of this series, and honestly, if you've never read either of these books before, then I implore that you log onto amazon (or visit a library or independant bookshop, which are much better, and they both need all the support we can give them!) and get this book, along with  Geekhood, because I can guarantee they will be the best series of books that you will read all year!! 

Y'know, I never thought that Andy Robb could ever top Geekhood, it was original, it was funny, it had a great story and brilliant characters and everything you could ever want in an outstanding book. 

And so what does he do with Geekhood: Mission Improbable? He makes it more original, funnier, a greater story and even more brilliant characters (along with fabulous character development I wasn't expecting... and that ending! oh wow it was awesome) and basically everything you could want in an outstanding book... and more!!!

So basically you need to read this book. Even if you're not a geek, or if you're the biggest geek ever. Or even if you're just in need of really, one of the best books I've had the opportunity to read in a long, long time. 

This book, and Geekhood and brilliant alone and as a series and and you all really should go and buy them both asap! You honestly won't regret it!! It really is so, so funny and just outstanding and I really would recommend it to absolutely anyone at all.

So I'd give Geekhood: Mission Improbable an age rating of 13+ and a personal rating of 10/10.

Thanks for reading!

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Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling etc. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thank you! xoxoxo

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