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Finding Cherokee Brown by Siobhan Curham review!

This is my first review for the British Books Challenge 2013!

Title of the book: Finding Cherokee Brown
Date published: 4th March 2013
Publisher: Electric Monkey Books
Length of the book: 334 pages
Author of the book: Siobhan Curham
Price: £6.99 (paperback)
Series: N/A
Follow-up: N/A 
Where I got the book: The lovely, generous and amazing author herself! Thank you ever so much, Siobhan!! It was a joy and honour to get a copy from you, it really was. Thank you so much!! :)
Genre: YA
Available on: Amazon (UK)Amazon (US), and at all good book retailers! 

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

I really, really like this cover.  The colours are bright, vibrant and eye-catching so that you're drawn to this book, instantly, which is great.  I adore the mixture of the light blue, pink and yellow!
The title font is simple yet really appropriate because it fits really well with this cover. I love the font that is used for the author's name even more so, though - I love the originality and quirky-ness of that font. I really like the transition of the white font of the title to the black font of Siobhan's name, as well. 
Although my favourite thing about this cover is the eye. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it also adds so much to the cover. It's alluring, and reveals more about the book then you'd think, actually. Gah, I just love how Siobhan has such cool book covers! This is a 10/10 book cover, in my opinion.

Claire Weeks has had enough. Her best friend has left her. She's disgustingly and constantly bullied at school, her family think life is perfect, and her step-dad is so sickeningly annoying and irritating it's like he's dripping of honey. 
No one cares, though. and that's the problem - she can't change everything all by herself.

So she does something else - after discovering a book in a local charity shop that will literally change her life - she decides to write a book. 
A book where she is the main character, through which she will do anything to become the kick-ass heroine she so dreams of. Even changing everything.

Everything continues as 'normal' for Claire, though.. until her 15th birthday. 
Until one birthday card rocks her world to the very core. 
Lies are unveiled, amazing music is shared, lives are changed...

and Cherokee Brown is found.

This book is YA fiction at it's very best. It really is. Siobhan Curham has done it again!
I've never read a book that has dealt with exclusion and bullying so truthfully and right. Everything about this book really is perfect. 
For instance, Claire does not solve her bullying straight away. Someone does not solve her problems for her - she goes out, encounters hurdles on the way, sure. But she does it herself. She fixes her problems on her own. and that's what I admire about her, and why I really love both this book and as a character. 
Now I haven't really been the victim of bullying myself (maybe the occasional teasing as a kid, but everyone encounters that at some point) so I don't really have a say, but still, I really think that Siobhan deals with the issue of bullying beautifully. 

Many books don't, but Finding Cherokee Brown most definitely does.

We jump right into Claire's mind from page 1, and we never stop. she is such a well-written character that she seems so alive from the very start. I actually had to take a second after finishing the book I re-adjust to myself because I was so in her mindset, it is absolutely brilliant and Siobhan is such a great writer. I love her character development throughout the book (I'm not going to spoil anything but it really is the best character development I've ever encountered in a book, ever, let alone a YA book). and she really is one of the most easy-to-connect-to characters, well, ever. I really like her, and who she turns out to become, too.

Another thing that I really liked about Finding Cherokee Brown was the fact that, at points in the book, we encountered snippets of the book that Claire originally found, that made her want to write her own book - So you want to write a Novel? by Angela Dashwood. I just really love that we get a really fresh and original idea in such a fantastic book. I just think that it was really clever of Siobhan to add something so different into an already really excellent book. I hope that maybe, So you want to write a Novel? can be released one day? maybe? I know it'll definitely help me in my writing endeavours! :) 

One more really astounding thing about Finding Cherokee Brown is the inclusion of music. It really adds another more real and extraordinary dimension to the already wonderful book that this is, but I just love that at certain points in this book, that you could just (albeit reluctantly) put the book down for a second, locate a song that had been mentioned, and then suddenly learn so much more about that character, the story, and what they've been going through. I absolutely loved this, it really was amazing. Siobhan really is a phenomenal writer, she really is.  

This book really does have everything, outstanding characters, stunning settings (I know want to go to Paris more than ever. Siobhan just makes it sound so beautiful! Gah. I will go one day!) Characters that change themselves through their own writing (the best thing ever, I mean it) and even art. (Not to self: visit some of The Fox's work, if I can). 

Can this book get any better? No, not at all - it's absolutely perfect! Honestly, everyone should read it. There is absolutely no fault I can find in this book, at all. It really is spectacular, and the greatest book I have read all year. Please, please read this book. It's perfect for anyone because it really you affect you in some way positively after reading. It really is a staggering book. Please read it! You most definitely will not be disappointed. 

My favourite character from this book is most definitely Claire. Honestly, it was quite hard choosing because I love all the characters in Finding Cherokee Brown, but Claire, because not only is the most well-written and realistic character - ever, she also has the most realistic character development process that I've read. But also she is a wonderful character overall. She really doesn't deserve being bullied (like everyone who's bullied) and you just empathise with her straight away. She's truthful, and funny and is such a great writer herself because I just love her narrative throughout the book. Siobhan really is a staggering writer, because I love every character she writes. 
I know I'm babbling, but I just really like Claire. She is probably the character that I would most get on with in real life, because she's so realistic and amazing. 

My favourite part of this book has to be a tie between when Claire reveals she's being bullied, Claire visits Paris, and the parts where she is driving with a very important character and when she is talking about a tree with another. (I won't reveal who though, as I don't want to give away any spoilers or anything) and I don't want to spoil anything about all these parts either, so all I will say is that they are all absolutely stunning parts of the book and are so well-written and I really, really love them. They are all really, really beautiful parts of the book and ah I just can't stop going on about them because they really are that great. They all reveal so many strengths and other traits about the characters and the human nature simultaneously, and wow they just are that stunning. 
Please, if you aren't sure about reading this book or anything like that, read it for these parts alone, then - because they alone will blow you away. They really will - hence why they are my favourite parts. 

So basically this book is for absolutely anyone. Anyone at all. 
Everyone and everyone really does need to read this book. 
It is more profound and life-changing than you would ever think, and I really do love it. Whether you are a teenager or more than a teenager, you need to read this book. 
It deserves so, so much recognition and you all really should go onto and buy it right now. 
Please, just read this book. It really is so, so beautiful and miraculous and I really would recommend it to anyone. 

So I'd give Finding Cherokee Brown it an age rating of 12+ and a personal rating of 10/10.

Thanks for reading!

W-O-W xoxoxo

Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling etc. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thank you! xoxoxo

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