Friday, 21 September 2012

the 21st of september, aka the quiet day 2012

hey there everyone!

have you noticed something amazing, yet different about this post, compared to all my others?

i'm not using capitol letters! at all - in this post, and i'm going to try to do this everywhere else for the rest of the day, too. (i'm not sure how my english teachers and such will agree with this, but i will try my very hardest to keep this up all day, anyway!(:)

why am i doing this, you ask?

because today is a very special day - the quiet day. A special day (the 21st september 2012) arranged by the amazing creators of the brilliant the quiet place project website were you have to make the effort to be less shout-y when you type things on the internet and make the effort to not use capital letters all day. doesn't that sound just heavenly and amazing and lovely and calm? i know, it does, doesn't it?? :) everyone whose everyone should take part in this inspirational movement - it'll make you feel so great and refreshed! <3

so what are you waiting for? shhhhh.
turn off your caps lock today 
and join in the quiet day - after all, sometimes things are just too loud. 

oh and please check out the fabulous the quiet place project via their website here or on their facebook, here! also find out more about the wonderful quiet day here or here!

thank you! and have a joyous and inspiring quiet day, everyone. shh ;) :) <3 xoxo

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