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sillylovecrafts (Etsy store) River Song Journal Necklace **Sponsered review!**

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*I'm really sorry that I'm using some of Sara's photos as well as my own, but my camera and photography work is rubbish - I hope you don't mind but I don't think I'll be able to the product justice without using them, really, I can't take very good pictures. aha. Sorry again!*

Today I have a very special sponsored review for you all! :)

Now I know that some people are hesitant to admit to sponsored reviews, but not me. I can proudly say that this review was very kindly sponsored by the lovely Sara from her amazingly wonderful Etsy store sillylovecrafts! :) I really do recommend that you take a look at this fantastic store, as it not only has extremely well-made and beautiful items for sale there, but it's full of items that were inspired by various TV shows or films! From Doctor Who and Sherlock to Mean Girls, you are definitely sure to find a new quirky and brilliant piece of jewellery to add to your collection, or even a new wonderful notebook to add to your bookshelf! I am definitely going to buy more from the store in the future and if you take a look at the items on offer there, then I'm definite your wallet will get lighter! :)
Once again, the link to this fabulous store can be found HERE! You seriously won't regret taking a look.

So thank you so much for this opportunity to do this review Sara, I really, really hope that this review gets you more custom the amount of recognition that you deserve, because you're an amazing person and your store and the items in it are out of this world!
I really hope that you like the review. :)

The item that I am lucky enough to review for you today?
It's the fantastic River Song Journal Necklace!

Isn't it incredible?

The detail on the cover of the book is astounding. I am not kidding, I couldn't believe that it was made out of just recycled materials. The way that the cover feels like it's centuries old, as well as looks like it is centuries old - when it's just been completely handmade made by Sara herself, is amazing, utterly amazing. I was extremely impressed and won over by this spectacular item as soon as I opened the package! I knew that I was going to adore this item straight away!

The book itself is bound together really well by the materials used to make it, and this is evident by the lovely shimmery effect that this item has, too! So there is no issue of it falling apart or anything - this necklace will definitely last for all your adventures in space and time!

The texture on this book's cover has a wonderful feel to it, too. You can just imagine this book actually being used by River Song in the show, (if it were a little bigger, that is! ;D)
and the design is all Sara's - drawn my hand! Yup - she completely made the design up herself, being a fan of the show, and it actually looks better than the one in the show, in my opinion!

I was also really impressed with the quality of the pages, to say this is just a charm of a book! :) They are all coloured by coffee, but they look fabulous, too! It really is as if you have your own special River Song diary around your neck! I was even tempted to look inside and see if there was anything written in there - it looks that realistic and sensationally made!

This necklace is also a real subtle and elegant nod to the show Doctor Who, which is great as I find that most jewellery you can buy that's inspired my this show is usually the same thing, over and over again.
But not this design! - It's is a really original design - I've never seen a piece of jewellery quite like this, and made this well either, for that matter - and it's fantastic! I really recommend buying this if you are a Doctor Who fan, or if you need a gift for a Whovian friend that they'll really appreciate!
I have had a lot of positive comments and appreciative nods and smiles when people see this necklace - everyone that I've met seems to love this as I do! :)

It's also absolutely breath taking the obvious time and care that Sara puts into each item. It's extra obvious when you look at the excellent quality of this item - I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to wear this necklace! It truly is a masterpiece!

Now so far I've only shown you the front of this superb necklace, but this is what the back looks like:

Now the thing I love about the back of this item, and this impressed me even more, actually - it's just as magnificent as the other side!
I know that, that doesn't mean much to most of you, but you'd be surprised how many items that I've bought jewellery were the front looks cool but I can never let the item turn the to the other side because it looks rubbish then!
But this item gave me hope in that department. It's just as detailed, just as textured, and just as cared about as the other side! You have no idea how happy this made me, and so this gives this item another humongous gold star in my book! Thank you for creating such a rad item, Sara!! :)

This is the length of this necklace! (Shown very badly by me, I know. I'm sorry!)
However, this necklace is on a very secure and strong 60cm silver chain. (Though it's 30cm long when you wear it). But that doesn't effect how great the necklace looks when you wear it - it sits on just about chest level on me, which is awesome, as I love necklaces like that at the moment!

But it isn't just this item that is absolutely tremendous, I was really impressed by something else that came with this item, too:

The item itself came carefully protected inside this gorgeous little packet that has Sara's Etsy shop name on card at the top, which looks so  pretty! It's a really nifty and cute little way to pack items, in my opinion! I love it. It really protected the item well too. When I got the package through the post and opened the envelope the item was still neatly packed in this packet like it had just been placed there! I really do like this!:)

But I think that I might love this even more!:) ah this made me smile so much when I opened the package. I love people who go to greater lengths to make their packaging special, but I've never bought anything from anyone were they even made their tissue paper look unique and magical! Sara has gone the extra mile to make even the smallest amount of packaging look wonderful for her customers and we really appreciate it. This really made my day! (if you have no idea what this is, by the way - it's River Song from Doctor Who and one of her most famous catchphrases!) Thank you, Sara!:)

I don't have a photo of this as I've said before - I can't photograph:(
But Sara also included a beautiful little note with the item on a extremely pretty pink piece of paper, which really made my day. I found it to be really sweet and caring when people write notes or anything special to their customers - it really shows how much they appreciate their custom and I really love it! This note was also hand-written, so it was even more special! This gets 5* from me, thank you so much for being so nice as to write the fab note Sara! It really made me smile, thank you!:)

But it was not only that! The item was also protected by an envelope with bubble wrap inside it so it was extra protected! There really is no danger of anything bad happening to your item while it is in the post or anything, which is excellent! I was very impressed with how much care Sara put into her packaging for this item. It really makes me smile when people do, as I've had items before that were great but the packaging was bleak or boring, or did not protect the item well at all. But not this time, it really shows that Sara cares about her customers and her items and that really makes me happy, and it does not go unnoticed by me. Thank you Sara!:)

And to say that Sara lives in Italy, the item came all the way from there super fast! I was really impressed by how quickly that it came through the post - and the item was still in fabulously great condition too, to say that it arrived that quick! So if you're looking for a gift for anybody, I would definitely check out this store!!

Finally the whole shopping experience was absolutely tremendous, Sara was very professional but very sweet and kind at the same time - exactly how great shop owners should be. It was a real pleasure to talk to her, and customer service was phenomenal! I would highly recommend her for any kind of custom item you'd like to order or anything else. She's a fantastic person and makes fabulous things and really should have more custom!!

So what are you waiting for?? Go and check out her Etsy store, sillylovecrafts, now!
I really would recommend this store to anyone who loves items that are made-well, and are really original as well! Every item in her store really is wonderful!

I would also absolutely recommend this item, too! I am hooked on it and you won't be able to take it from my jewellery collection - ever. I am completely in love with it, and I'm definitely going to think about buying a necklace each for my friends who have said that they might have to take it from me, they love it that much, too! It's immensely well-made, and looks so professional - I guarantee that if you buy this, you won't be able to stop wearing it - just like me!! :)

I really would buy everything from there; and definitely will be purchasing something from the store in the foreseeable future!:)

So thank you so, so, so much Sara, for this once in a lifetime opportunity - it was a real, real honour to be able to do this for you, and I really hope that it gets you, and your phenomenal store and items the custom and recognition that you all so rightly deserve! I hope that I have done you all justice. Thanks so much again!

I would give this item a huge 10/10, the store another gigantic 10/10, and the customer service another humongous 10/10! :)

So please don't forget to check out Sara's Etsy store, sillylovecrafts, HERE.
and if you would like more information about the necklace that I've reviewed today, please click HERE.

Thank you Sara! I hope that you liked this review. :)
Thanks for reading!

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