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Lush: Sweet Lips Lip Scrub item review!

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** I haven't used my own pictures in this review as every time I try to take a picture it's far to blurry to use. I'm sorry!**

Today I have a special review for you all!
On a jaunt to my local shopping centre, I went into my local Lush Cosmetics shop.
Not only is this shop the most magestic and imaginative cosmetics shops that I've ever known but it also don't test on animals or anything! So this automatically gets the shop a giant gold star in my book. But it's not only that that makes this shop brilliant - it also has top quality products, just like the one that I'm going to review now. Really! I highly recommend that you check out their website or one of their stores, as I seriously could buy every product from there - every single product smells wonderful, looks wonderful and is wonderful! :)
But today I'm going to review my favourite of all the Lush products that I've bought to date. The Sweet Lips Lip Scrub!
I hope you like this review. Please be sure to take time out to check out the Lush website, too! You won't regret it.

The item that I'm going to review today is the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub. It looks like this:

So as you can see, this product looks great! Not only does it look extremely sleek and professional, but the simple packaging really does work wonders. The white (and extremely pretty) font on the black background draws you towards the product effortlessly, and really impressed me - it really does prove that less, really is more! :)

Another brilliant thing about the packaging with the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub is that it's really, really easy to open the packaging. Now I know that this won't mean much to a lot of you, but with my disability I usually find it really hard to open packaging. But opening the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub was a real breeze! I was super impressed. So if you're ever in a hurry, say you're late for work - but your lips feel sore or chapped, then I definitely recommend that you use this! :)

As not only does it open well and tick all the boxes in the looks and packaging department, but it also works really well. Seriously! I only applied a small amount to test it out at first, and after a minute of having it on my lips felt so soft, it was lovely! I don't think they've actually ever been as soft and smooth as they were when I first appiled this lip scrub! It really moisturised my lips so well, I couldn't believe it. It also really lasts, as well. I'm writing this review the day after I bought the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub and after only applying a small amount yesterday, I can still taste the delectible chocolate taste and my lips are still extremely soft! I tell you, I am really, really, really impressed with this product.

The Sweet Lips Lip Scrub also tastes just like chocolate. I know that it's supposed too, but usually with products like lip balms, or anything like that, they usually resemble a slight cocoa taste, or taste nothing like chocolate at all. But this blew me out of the water with how great it tasted! Not only is this product vegan friendly, but it also felt like, at one point, that I was actually eating a chocolate bar! How fantastic is that?

Although that's probably because of one of my favourite things about this product - it, and the other lip scrubs like it, are made from castor sugar. Yes, you read right, one of the ingredients of these scrubs is sugar, and this gives the lip scrub a fabulous cleansing texture. 
I find using sugar as an ingredient to be genius. Absolute genius. So when you apply this Lip Scrub, you can just lick away the yummy excess, and it's completely safe, and delicious too! :)
And although it can be used to create a great feel and then you can apply lip stick or lip balm to your newly smooth lips, I think that this Lip Scrub is excellent to use as a stand alone product, too!

This is basically my dream lip product. It's a decent size (25g a pot) at a fabulous price! (£5.25  a pot). I really would recommend this Lip Scrub to anyone. I've already told all my friends about it, and will definitely recommend it to anyone else I meet who needs a new lip balm or lip scrub. All I need now is another two or three pots of the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, and then I can have a pot of it with me everywhere! School, home and in my bag! I am such a fan of this particular Lip Scrub, you can't believe. It's phenominal - I really can't get enough of it! :)
But the amazingness of this product doesn't stop there, oh no! It also comes in two other flavours, the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, and the Mint Julips Lip Scrub - and they both look just as good as the Sweet Lips one.

So please check out the Sweet Lips Lip Scrub and the Lush website. You really won't regret it, honest.
 I would give this product an overall rating of 10/10 - it's flawless! :)

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