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Midwinterblood - Marcus Sedgwick review!

This is my twenty ninth review for the BBC! :)

Title of the book: Midwinterblood
Date published: 3rd May 2012

Publisher: Indigo books (Fierce Fiction)
Length of the book: 263 pages
Author of the book: Marcus Sedgwick
Price: £6.99 (paperback)
Series: N/A
Follow-up: N/A
Where I got the book: I was sent a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review - thank you so much! :)
Genre: Horror
Available on: Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and at all good retailers! :)

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

In my opinion I think that this cover is perhaps a little dark. But I do love the girl on the front with the four hearts - it really made me think about the book and what it was really about and really made me what to read the book more. I also love the fonts used on this cover - I think that they really add something special to this cover. Also even though it is a bit dark, I think that the moon on this cover is very apt for the cover as it ties in with the book very cleverly. So yes, altogether I do like this cover.

The book is set in 2073, and is about a journalist named Eric Seven who is sent to investigate and write an article about the mysterious flower that blooms on the secretive island of the Blessed, were no children are ever born and were it is rumoured that the flower can make an elixer that can make the drinker immortal. But when he gets he finds more than he bargains for. Including meeting the mysterious and beautiful islander Merle, who he is sure he has met before.. and the island looks strangely familiar, come to that..
Because they have both met before, on this very island, many times, and in lots of different ways and relasionships. But can their love last forever? and will they get to be together again, before it's too late?
Now: to be completely honest, I didn't really get into the book at first. I could tell that the book was extremely promising - but I just found the first few chapters - when Eric Seven first arrives on the island, really confusing. I have no idea what it was; but I'm sorry to say that I didn't really connect with the book at all.

However, I persevered with the book, and I got to about halfway through when I really started to get into the whole story - I loved the fact that the two main characters love and relationship was reborn in really inventive ways all the way through the novel, even ways that I hadn't expected. I adored the fact that Sedgwick explored all forms of love to reincarnate the two characters into, and that is what kept me reading, I think - because I couldn't predict what was coming next.

I also really, really liked the fact that everything, even small things that are noted in the first few chapters, to bigger themes - were tied up through these different chapters - that really, really impressed me and in my opinion that was a really genius and original idea and really made me want to keep reading.

So yes, even though I didn't connect with the book at first, it really surprised me. :)

The book was also written superbly - even though I didn't initially get into the book at first, I could tell that even then that Sedgwick would make this book stick in my mind after I'd finished reading. And it definitely did. There were some real strong themes in this book that you can't ignore and they really left an impact on me - and I think that the main reason for this was that Sedgwick wove them into the book so well, and this, woven into the terrific plot as well, really impressed me, and makes Midwinterblood a brilliant and thought-provoking book.

I can't believe that this was the first book of his that I've read, I think I'll definitely have to read another soon. He wrote in such a mesmerising way that even when I thought that I'd had enough of reading for the night that it pulled me back in as soon as it put in down. The plot became so intense to me at certain points that I literally spent a whole day reading it. He really impressed me as an author and I'll try my hardest to review another of his books soon.

My favourite character from this book would have to be Merle. Not only was she one of the most mysterious characters from this book, but out of the times that both Eric and Merle were reborn - in every story, she was my favourite character. She was caring and very knowledgeable too, which really impressed me too as in some stories she was just a child. So because of this I really liked her and couldn't wait to see who, or what, she was reincarnated into in every chapter. I just really like everything about her. :)

My favourite part of the book had to be the chapter were Eric and Merle become two people during the Second World War. This was not only because I am a huge historical fiction fan, but also because I found that chapter to be really inventive, and the one that kept me hooked the most, I really didn't want that one to end - and I wish that it was actually a little bit longer! It was just really well-written, again, by Sedgwick, and I loved everything about it, basically.

So to sum up: I didn't get into the book at first but I was proved wrong, and I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good plot and well-reformed characters. This book will really make an impact on you and will definitely make you think about everything - especially love and all things concerning it.

It's a really deep book, and although I've heard that other teenagers don't really like it because there is not much character development and because of this people think that it's more of an adult read. Please don't listen to them. It's a good book, and that's all that matters. After all, who says that teenagers can't enjoy a book that some people may say is for adults? Please just read this book, you will definitely not regret it.
I would give this book an age rating of 13+ or mature readers as this is a horror and I would give this book a personal rating of 6/10. It was a brilliant book, but the fact that I didn't get into it straight away kind of dampers my whole opinion of this book, but I still thought that it was a great book!

Thanks for reading!

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