Sunday, 20 May 2012

Showcase Sunday #1

Hi there everyone!

So I have decided to start Showcase Sunday, which is hosted by Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea.
These are basically were you can see all the books I've borrowed, gotten or bought throughout the week! I just think it's a great idea. I hope you enjoy reading this.


  •  Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud by Andrew Lane
  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Red Leech by Andrew Lane
  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Black Ice by Andrew Lane
  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm by Andrew Lane

Thanks so much to Kirsty @ Overflowing Library and Macmillan books for these books! I have received them because I won last months monthly book prize in the British Books Challenge! It was a lovely surprise as I have been ill with a stomach bug and than a flu for the past two weeks and I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan so there could be no better prize for me! Thanks so much again! I can't wait to read them all. :)

Sorry for the lack of books on my first post. I hope to remedy this is my next post!
Thanks for reading!
W-O-W xoxo

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