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The Fury - Alexander Gordon Smith review!

This is my twenty-third review for the BBC! :)

Thank you so much for Faber and Faber publishers for sending me this book! I really appreciate the opportunity of reviewing books for you, thank you, and I hope you like this review. Thanks again, I am honoured to have received this book to review and I hope to have the amazing opportunity to review more of your books in the future. Thank you!

Title of book: The Fury
Date published: 5th April 2012
Publisher: Faber and Faber publishers
Length of the book: 532 pages
Author of the book: Alexander Gordon Smith author of the Furnace (Escape from the Furnace in the US) series.
Price: £7.99 (original paperback) £4.99 (ebook)
Series: The Fury
Follow-up: The Storm (Publish date: TBC.. coming soon)
Where I got the book: From a publisher in exchange for an honest review. (Thank you!)
Genre: Supernatural/Horror YA.
Available on: Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), and all good retailers!

This is the cover of the book:

I am not lying when I say I really like this cover. I think it is extremely inventive and yet simple, too, which is always great. The colours are bright and eye-catching, yet they blend and fit together well so they don't look out of place. The way they look like fire too, the way it is eating away at the edges of the letters, is also really inventive! Fantastic.
Also the running silhouette in the 'R' is a brilliant touch too! (You know how much I love silhouettes!) and the font used on this cover is also really clever too, I can't fault this cover at all! I love it.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump...
Imagine that, one day, without warning, everyone you know, and meet, will stop at nothing to and kill you. That is the horrific reality that three teenagers, Cal, Brick and Daisy, suddenly face. Cal's friends try to kill him. Brick's girlfriend violently attacks him. Daisy gets pushed out of a window by an ambulance man.
A terrible headache triggers everyone around them to turn feral and try to kill them. Not only them, either, there are millions of teenagers having the same freaky experience. The three of them, and a few other teenagers affected, manage to get together and hide out in a abandoned theme park, Fursville, while they try to work out what on Earth is happening to them and try to stay alive in the process.
But they have no idea what they are up against, and the answer they seek will change everything they ever know about everything, including life and death..
Welcome to The Fury. Nothing will ever be the same again.

I'll be honest. This seemed to gory for me at first.
Yes, I am a bit of a wimp on the horror front, and the idea of lots of people trying to kill teenagers like rabid dogs - even family members - didn't make me jump for joy. I was scared that I would be to scared of this book to continue reading or something.
But, boy, did this book surprise me. Even though some points were scary, the book wasn't to graphic to keep me awake at night, yet descriptive enough to make me shudder and shout in my head for the characters to run.
I was very pleasantly surprised! So I just wanted to say to everyone like me, who doesn't usually read horror but the plot draws you in and you really want to read it, but the horror.. oh, the horror...
Have no fear! Please read the book, you won't be disappointed, and you will miss more sleep if you don't read this book than if you do, trust me! You will really be missing out! So, go on, what are you waiting for?

To say that this is a 500 page book people would expect one hell of a story, and that is what you get! You can tell that Smith has spent an awful lot of time developing the main characters, and other characters too, which is always great to see! Because of this there are no faults, as the three characters tell the story, as they are so realistic. It was also wonderful to hear other characters view points about the whole Fury fiasco. They switch to each character very well and there was absolutely nothing missing! Each view point was equally intriguing and I didn't favour a certain characters chapters, which nearly always happens with me with books like this, so made me happy!

Even though a few things made me go a little, 'hold on.. what?!' at some points in the book, everything was explained very well, and all that wasn't should be in the follow-up book, so there are no worries on that front, no plot holes or anything. Also, it is a fantasy/supernatural novel, so not everything will make 100% sense, after all! All in all I was very impressed.

Another thing that really impressed me about this book is the originality of the story. It's such a impressive and imaginative plot, it just draws you in.I think that this book will especially appeal to fans of Charlie Higson's The Dead (though to be honest I think this is better.. shh!) and Twenty-eight days later.

I can't actually pick a favourite character from this book, as they were all excellently written and super in their own way, and that was not surprising considering the standard of this book! I do, of course, have a soft sport for the three main characters, Daisy, Cal and Brick, as all of the book is their experience, thoughts and feelings. But all characters are unique in their own way and I feel that it would be unfair if I pick just one as my favourite! This is proof that Smith is a outstanding author as I always have a favourite character in a book, even if it was a small, insignificant character that was in a book for a few pages - so this really impressed me! Smith is such a good author.

So if you are looking for a thrilling supernatural novel that will make you laugh, cry and gasp, them this is the book for you! I highly recommend this to anyone at all, if you want to read this, then stop what you are doing and buy it. Now. This will not only blow your socks off, but the force of the blow will incinerate them to ashes. Superb.
I have already recommended it to all my friends and I if you like this type of book, then you will love this!
I would give it an age rating of 13+ or mature readers, as it is still a horror, and a personal rating of 9/10!

Thanks again to Faber publishers, and Thanks for reading!
W-O-W xoxoxo
Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling ect. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thank you! xoxoxo

Thump-thump.. thump-thump.. thump-thump..

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