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Albatros Bookmarks SPONSORED REVIEW!

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**I have taken these photographs myself and they are not the best quality. I apologise that I can't do this product justice but my photography skills aren't the best in the world but I tried my best. Thank you and apologies.**

Today I have a very special sponsored review for you all! (so much so that the product I am reviewing may or may not have made me jump for joy when I saw that it landed through my letterbox). Which was kindly sponsored by Oscar Lhermitte, the inventor of these genius bookmarks, called Albatros bookmarks, which can be found here! The link to Oscar's personal site can be found here! I really hope that this review gets more recognition for the amazing bookmarks, and especially more customers as you really deserve them! Thank you so much for sending me the bookmarks Oscar, I am extremely grateful! Thank you! Here is my review.

I will only be reviewing one bookmark today as I am only using one at the moment, (and I don't want to waste them all,) but I was lucky enough to receive six! (Also all bookmarks are the same apart from the colour so this review could count as a review for all of them).


Now I know you can't really tell from my picture quality, (sorry) but the colours of these bookmarks are so vibrant and vivid, that they really stand out when the book is closed. However not so much that when you read the book it distracts you, which is brilliant.
Also I love the variety of colours you can get! Not only are there pink, blue, green, orange, red and yellow bookmarks available, but there is also black, so there are colours there for everyone!

As you can tell by the second picture, the bookmark also fits snugly and looks very professional, and again, very eye-catching! Not only that, but it also doesn't bend or damage the book or pages in any way! (Which is fantastic, as I have had various bookmarks that look good but end up leaving a mark on the page or bending it in some way, but this is really a bookmark you can't fault).

My favourite thing about these bookmarks, however, is the way they work. They are no ordinary bookmarks, they are something far more effective and ingenious!

I apologise for the terrible quality of the photo, but as you can (hopefully) see, where ever you open your book the bookmark follows, and when you turn the page the same thing happens! So the days were you struggle to shove a bookmark in a book and end up losing your page, or rushing off a bus and not having time to put your bookmark into your book are over! As soon as you close your book your Albatros bookmark will keep your place until you next pick it up. There is no need to position it or anything at all - just close the book and that's it!
Also, when you read the bookmark does not obstruct any words at all. (I know it does a little in the picture but I had to close it quite a lot to take the picture, again, thanks to my terrible photography skills). It does not distract you in any way, and you don't have to worry about the bookmark moving as you can see from these two pictures below:

You just attach one side (side A) to the front of the book and the other side (side B) to the back of the book and you're set! It's so easy too. The bookmark is also really light and doesn't effect the weight of the book at all!
It's explained in pictures and really simply in the instructions you get with the bookmarks, a picture of which I have here. (I'm sorry if you can't see very well, my camera has a habit of blurring up most pictures).

The bookmark is not just stuck there forever either (though when you have finished the book you can leave it their for others to use) but there is also the option to remove it and use it in another book, as both sides of the bookmark have 'removable glue' on them, which means you can remove it from your book after reading and then insert it into another one! (However I'm not sure how long the glue lasts for, I'm afraid). The whole design is just phenomenal!

Designed in England and made in France, I know that a few people have told me that the bookmarks would take a long time to arrive. But they were wrong. The bookmarks took no time at all to arrive, which was magnificent. Not only that, but they were really well packaged!


The bookmarks were folded up like in the picture, and were included by a lovely little informative leaflet about Albatros bookmarks, (which I think is a great touch for customers!) were fitted into a little plastic sleeve, so they were both very well protected, which was really great to see, and the icing on the huge cake really, as sometimes you can get super items but because of the packaging they are ruined or the whole buying experience is tainted by this. But it's such a nice and professional thing when someone goes that extra mile for a customer really shows that they care, and that is superb.
They were also joined by a sweet little note, thanks for that! It really put a smile on my face, and, again, was a lovely nice touch for customers. This was all then tucked into small an envelope.

Not only are they an unbelievably excellent bookmark, they are also a real value for money! For only around £8 for six and free shipping for customers in the UK, what are you waiting for?! These are the accessory that all books need!

So all in all my whole experience with Albatros bookmarks was absolutely magical. Oscar answers every single query you have as soon as he can,  so Albatros bookmarks also has magnificent customer service, which just makes the whole business sensational and I hope it has lots of customers and is really successful, as I think it is one of the best bookmark business around at the moment! It is astounding and Oscar is a kind and professional owner, so I really would recommend Albatros bookmarks to anyone at all! This is one fabulous invention and I know that I will never be able to read a book without a Albatros bookmark again! They just make every time I read so much easier!

Therefore I would rate the business 10/10! my experience 10/10! and the product 10/10! So thank you so much again to Oscar for generously sending me these bookmarks, I hope that I have done these incredible bookmarks justice and I hope you like the review! Thank you so much again! I really can't express my gratitude.

Everyone who likes to read and wants to make it even easier and even cooler - go and check out Albatros bookmarks HERE!
And check out Oscar's personal blog HERE!

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