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There is No Dog - Meg Rosoff review!

This is my twenty-first review for the BBC! :)

Now this book is another little gem that I picked up at my local library! (What would we do without the existence of libraries?! I for one, would be lost!) And it is another great find, so I hope you enjoy my review.

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

I really love this cover, it is very simple but at the same time very artistic and beautiful. The night sky is mesmerising and the dog constellation is really the icing on the cake. I also think that the small doodle-like pictures of the different multi-coloured fish, and the subtle connection to the story that I realised that it is after reading (again, so spoilers!) really made me smile. There isn't much I can say about this cover because it renders me speechless, honestly. It is so perfect for the book that I can't find anymore words to describe it, just that it was the cover that made me want to read the book in the first place, and that I am really glad I did, and that it really is an amazing cover.

The book itself is about Bob. Bob is like any other ordinary teenage boy. He is self-obsessed, lazy and girl-mad. But with one little difference: Bob.. is God.
No, really! No one else really wanted the job, and after Mona wins the position in a poker game, the deadline is so close that the job gets passed on to her son, Bob.
Oh, It'll be fine, they all say. He'll grow into the job... But just in case they position the kind-hearted Mr. B to assist him.
And so far, he hasn't even grown up, let alone grow into the job.
And so far all the important things, all the responsibilities, the prayers, are all left to the long suffering Mr. B to sort out.
While Bob is either sulking, eating or ordering around his adorable furry grey half penguin half anteater (and also long suffering - as most people are when they are around Bob) pet Eck.
That is, until he spots Lucy, the most gorgeous girl on Earth.
And he will do anything is his power to have her.
But when Bob falls in love, disaster follows, and usually on a world-wide scale...
There is no Dog is a thought-provoking book that will make you laugh and cry, and definitely is not one to miss!

To be absolutely honest, I really liked this book. The idea of the story is so original, I wish I'd of thought it! (Though I wouldn't have written it half as good as Rosoff did). The originality of the story is what is what makes it so alluring - you know that it will be an eye-opening (and hilarious) book.
It is also written really well by Rosoff, every line in this book seemed really thought out, and every word seemed to be weighted with some hidden beauty. It just also flowed really well. So much so that before I knew it I was half-way through the book! That's one fantastic thing about this book - you cannot put it down, which is brilliant.

Another thing I really liked about this book is that it really made you think. And not the average questions you would get after reading a hilarious YA novel either. Questions about life, and the true meaning of it, and how even though this world is flawed, and terrible things can happen, life, and this world, is also full of amazing miracles, and is really quite wonderful and magical. And making a teenager think this is a real skill (as we all know what moods teenagers can be like).
 This really impressed me, and also showed me what a phenomenal author Rosoff really is, I really wished I'd have discovered her before now, every chapter I'd read of this book was really enlightening and thought-provoking. Now I know that many people may not like this with a book - but I found it very refreshing. So five stars for Rosoff for this! The meaning and moral I found inside this novel was also really beautiful, the novel also left no questions when I finished reading - everything was tied up perfectly, which is fantastic.

My favourite character from this book would have to be Estelle (though I really did have a hard time choosing between the characters, I had a soft spot for them all! - Another good skill of Rosoff's). As she even though she is not the main character she is the perfect heroine. She is extremely mature and clever for her age, she won't take no for an answer, won't put up with having her life mapped out for her and is very sensible - and yet she is still extremely caring and thoughtful. I really love her as a character and a person. She is written really well by Rosoff too, she is so four dimensional, (as are all the characters,) that I can imagine her up in the clouds watching us right now. (And I very much hope she is).

So if you are looking for a funny but very enlightening and expertly written novel about religion, love, life, hilarity and miracles, then this is the absolute book for you! I will have to recommend this to all my friends. It is just so thought-out and perfect, really. And I will definitely read more of Rosoff's work as this novel has showed what a wonderful author she is. I would give this novel an age rating of 13+ or mature readers and a personal rating of 8 and a half/10.

Thanks for reading!
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