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Shininggift (Etsy store) Brown Shadow Pocket Watch, with Bird and brown crystal SPONSORED REVIEW!

**I apologise for using some of Tina's photos, but photography isn't really my strong point, so please excuse the bad quality of the photos I took myself that I have used. Thankyou.**

Hey everyone!

I have a very exciting sponsored review for you today! Now I know that most people don't like to admit that they write sponsored reviews, but this review today was very kindly sponsored by the lovely Tina from the Etsy store Shininggift (I love that name!), which can be found HERE! I really do recommend you take a look because everything she sells, from necklaces to rings to iPhone cases - are absolutely wonderful. If I had the money I would buy every item! So thankyou so much again Tina, and I really hope that this review gets you more customers for your store because you really deserve lots more. Thankyou so much again and I hope you like the review!

The item I am lucky enough to review for you today is the beautiful Brown Shadow Pocket Watch With Bird Necklace with Brown Cystal!

Isn't it fantastic? The detail around the edge of the charm is very clear, extremely detailed and very beautiful. The necklace is also nickel and lead free! The pink screen (that is what I call it but it's the pretty pink circle in the middle of the necklace) is a lovely colour and shines brilliantly in the sun!
There is also absolutely no chance of it breaking and or cracking! I know you can't tell here but if you give it a tap with your finger it gives a satisfying little thud type noise (not exactly a thud, but you know what I mean). So there is absolutely zero chance of anything wrong happening there, which is great!
Also the shade of pink is not too bright or too dark and really sets off the whole necklace and gives it a real sophisticated air, I think, which is fabulous.

Also, I think you can see it much better in this photograph but the pink screen is actually raised slightly, and around the edges is a lovely jewel type design, which is just another great and magical touch to this already majestic necklace!

And not only that, this necklace is just full of surprises!

It's also a watch! How terrific is that?! :) The watch face is really clear so there are no problems there. I do find sometimes that I struggle to adjust the time on most of my watches and watch-necklaces but this is actually the first one were I had no trouble at all! It was extremely easy to adjust! Which is just the icing on the giant cake for me. This watch also is great at telling the time (I know that sounds stupid but you'd be surprised how many watches I've had that were rubbish at keeping and telling so time!) So that is another thing that makes this necklace a must buy or a perfect gift. Batteries are also included and the watch is stainless steal.

Another superb touch to this necklace is the small bird charm attached just to the side of the necklace:

Which is extremely detailed and absolutely excellent and a super choice! It really makes the necklace that little bit more unique and special and really sweet, the flower on top of the bird is also really detailed, and quite mesmerising, and just makes the charm and necklace  even more astounding and that little bit more magic. The bird charm just sits really well on the necklace and the little piece of brown crystal beneath it is absolutely captivating and just completes the astounding necklace!

This is what the back of the necklace looks like:

Which is, again, extremely detailed and really wondrous to look at. Now I know the back isn't that important on a necklace but I really love when the back is just as detailed as the front part, I love that someone has taken the time to make the necklace worthwhile and that little bit more amazing. So five stars to Tina for this and everything else that makes up this incredible product! Thankyou!

This is the length of the necklace, now I now it is shown terribly by me (sorry!) but on me it comes to chest height, which is just perfect (as I adore long necklaces) but it also can be adjusted if you wish it to be longer/shorter. It is also really light to wear, which is terrific! Sometimes I even forget I have it on for a second, which is brilliant as some necklaces you can get feel like they weigh a ton, but this one is phenomenally light. Wonderful.

The length is around about 80cm and the chain is made of alloy.

Now not only is this necklace a complete wonder, it is also extremely good value for money! At only £3.56 this necklace is awesome for a gift or to treat yourself! Go on!

Though I must give you a small warning that Tina does live in China so if you do order some items that they may take a while to arrive, so please keep that in mind before buying as many people have given her bad reviews because of this and I think it is completely unfair as the products themselves are remarkable! However my necklace arrived in only a few weeks so I had no problem! :)

And it doesn't stop there! Oh no! Not only do you get this outstanding necklace, but you also get a fantastic free Rose ring! (Modelled by myself)

And if you are worried about it being too big or small for your finger, don't!

It's adjustable, so you can change it to the size of your finger! Now that is the cherry on the cake. Absolutely amazing.

However there is one final thing about the items that I have received that is the sprinkles on the gigantic happiness cake - the packaging that my items arrived in. Now I now that all in all packaging doesn't really matter, but I think that when someone puts that little bit more effort in to make the items more protected than that is super.

They arrived the a lovely velvet bag that's shown, and the items were each in small bags like the one shown (there was another that the necklace was in, however that got a little torn as I was opening it so I didn't want to show it, sorry!) and then the bag was wrapped and well protected in bubble wrap (which is not shown as it has all been popped, sorry again!) and then that was placed in a envelope lined with more bubble wrap, so you can be sure that when you buy from this store that your item/s will always be protected well, which is marvellous!

So all in all the shopping experience was astounding and very professional, and I would highly recommend Tina's store, Shinggift, to anyone. Not only is every item in the store, from necklaces and rings to iPhone cases, perfectly made and tremendous value for money, but the customer service was terrific! Tina was very kind and a sensational shop owner and I really would recommend this item, and the store, to anyone. I could really buy every item from that store!

So thankyou so much again Tina for being so kind as to send me these items to review, I am extremely grateful and I hope that I have done these incredible items justice. I would give this item a very big 10/10 and the store another big 10/10.

So don't forget to check out Tina's Etsy store, Shinginggift, HERE!
and if you would like more information on the necklace I have reviewed, please click HERE!

Thanks again,
and thanks for reading!
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