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The Way of the Warrior - Chris Bradford review!

This is my fifteenth review review for the BBC! :)

The Way of the Warrior if the first book in the Young Samurai series by Chris Bradford.

This is another book I found in the library, but it is also one of the four books I am reading because I am a reserve for my years school team in The Book Quiz. (So I'm not on the team as of yet; but if I do get to take part in the quiz I will definitely let you know how it went!) I must say I am glad this is one of the books I had to read. Here is my review.

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

In my opinion this cover is the absolute right one for this book. The colours match perfectly and set a great mystery, adventure feel to the book, which is perfect. I also adore the illustrations of the ship and the Japanese on either side of the samurai, who I guess must be Jack, the main character. I think its a magnificent way to symbolize the vast journey he is taking without being too complicated to confuse new readers. So yes, I think this is a good cover.

Its August 1611. Young English boy Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan - his dear father and the rest of the crew of the ship Alexandria have been slaughtered by deadly ninja pirates.
Now stranded and branded as an outcast in an alien country, Jack fortunately finds himself adopted by the legendary samurai Masamoto Takeshi, his only hope: to become a samurai warrior just like him. And so his training begins... But the question is, will he survive?

I loved this book, its fast-paced and extremely intriguing, it flowed really well and you never got bored reading it, even though it had 43 chapters! (Don't worry though, it isn't a very big book, only 352 pages). I love the way Bradford managed to incorporate encouraging messages and proverbs with adventure, fighting and ninjas. The professional way he did this really made me respect Bradford as an author. It also held a positive message on bullying which is great, also the way he wrote of Jack being singled out for looking different - as a wheelchair user it really hit home for me; this story really is quite a stirring read.

The thrill of the story; the mystery and the adventure in the plot doesn't stop until you reach the last page, which is fantastic. I also really admired the way he gave such a beautiful and magical portrayal of Japan. The way Bradford described the country, the people, the traditions, the language; everything, was magical. So much so that I know have a passion for learning Japanese one day! All in all, I am so sad that I hadn't read book before! It is absolutely magnificent.

My favourite character from this book would have to be Akiko. Not only is she Jack's best friend who helps him learn the language and basically helps him get on his feet after his attack on the Alexandria, so extremely trusting and a great person, she is also phenomenal with a bow and arrow; so much so that she is the best in her and Jack's samurai school! So she is brilliant heroine, even though she isn't the main character! She is also really well written, so much so that I started to believe (and hope) that she was real at some point.

So basically I adored this book and are really I read it, and I highly recommend you do too! If you love historical novels with an adventure and other worldly twist, then this is definitely the book for you! I'd give it an age rating of 10+ and a personal rating of 8/10.

Thanks for reading!
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