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Venus Rocks - Fiona Dunbar review!

This is my thirteenth review for the BBC! :)

Venus Rocks is the third book in the Kitty Slade series by Fiona Dunbar.

This is also a book I was lucky enough to have won from the amazing website Girls Heart Books! (Link to the website can be found here!) So a big thank you to Fiona and the website for giving me the opportunity to read this book! I am really, really grateful, thanks! So here is my review.

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

I really like the cover for this book, sure, it is a little basic, but I think that really, really works. The colours are bright, bold, blend really well and are extremely beautiful, and the illustration silhouette type picture of Kitty is absolutely stunning. Also I really love the small doodles surrounding her and the title, they are amazingly done (I know you can't see them very well on here - I'm sorry!) But they really make the cover special. It also adds a sense of mystery, the cover, which obviously works really well for a ghost story. So all in all I love this cover and it proves that simple doesn't always mean terrible.

The story itself is about an ordinary teenager called Kitty Slade, as she is on holiday with her family in Cornwall visiting her aunt in their camper van (called The Hippo). A nice, ordinary, fun visit. Well, apart from one small thing. Ghosts.
Kitty has phantorama, a very rare condition inherited for her late Mom which means she can see ghosts. So this visit will be anything but ordinary.
Kitty now feels pretty comfortable with her phantorama, that is until she sees a whole ghost ship. This sighting suddenly plunges Kitty into legends, folklore, crime and of course, more ghosts. But as Kitty discovers, not all ghosts are good...
Will she survive to tell the tale?

I don't really like ghost stories (bit of a wimp when it comes to that kind of thing) but I loved this. It wasn't your average one, where I usually ended up despising the ghosts. I really connected with the main one, Beth. She just seemed so real, and so likable. I also really pitied and longed for her to end her plight that was keeping her on Earth (why she needed Kitty's help) and for this I think Dunbar is an fantastic author, I mean, it isn't very often that you connect with a character, let alone one that's a ghost! So it was a real surprise for me, and it really changed my opinion of  ghost stories, so much so that I may even read some more! Especially ones by Dunbar.

It was a very intriguing story, which I think was great. The thrill of the story and plot didn't stop right up until the last page, which is brilliant. I admire the originality of the story too, even though it is about ghosts, Dunbar makes the story new, and really exciting. The words also flowed really well and I was really, really, impressed that it read with such ease. As usually with ghost stories the plot would get so intense that I would have to stop mid-story and sit and try to figure out the plot. But with Venus Rocks, even though it still had a wonderful, intense plot, didn't make me do this. It explained things brilliantly (there is even a glossary for Kitty's aunts Greek words!) without making me think that it was trying to dumb the plot down for people like me. Dunbar really impresses with this book, and should be insanely proud of it.

The character of Kitty, too, was absolutely phenomenally written. So much so that she is my favourite character. you actually do start to believe that she is real! (I actually kind of do wish she was.) She is an exceptional heroine for this story, extremely likable as a character, and with the added amazing bonus of the phantorama, readers connecting and loving this character is really a no-brainer.

Basically, I really love this book and I am so glad I won it. It has shown me a new fabulous author, a great new series and has proved to me that I can like Ghost stories! I would give Venus Rocks an age rating of 11+ and an personal rating of 7/10, and if you like fantasy with a sassy twist, then this is the definite book for you!

Thanks for reading!
W-O-W xoxoxo
Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling e.c.t. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thankyou!xoxoxo

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