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iBoy - Kevin Brooks review!

This is my fourteenth review for the BBC! :)

I found this book after randomly scrolling through the book section at Amazon, so completely by chance. and what a marvelous chance that was! As soon as I saw and read a little more about this book, I knew I had to read it. It finally arrived at my local library the other day and I read it in the same day. (Which shows how good it was!) I hope I can do it enough justice with this review, and I hope you enjoy it.

This is what the front cover of the book looks like-:

Personally I don't really like the cover, I think its a perfect cover for the book, don't get me wrong! I do think its great and does the story inside justice, but it doesn't really do it for me. Its just a little bit too dark, I think. But the colours blend great and the illustration on the front has been drawn really well. I just don't really like it that much. This is just my personal opinion though.

The story itself is about a young boy, Tom Harvey. and everything is going fine. I mean, life is hard. Living in one of the gang-filled parts of London. But everything is going okay. That is, until the day Tom goes to visit his good friend Lucy, and everything changes..
After getting hit on the head by an iPhone that was thrown from a flat above, Tom is in hospital after major surgery. and just as nothing could get any worse, Tom finds out something devastating: at the same time that the phone was thrown, Lucy was raped.
Filled with anger, all Tom knows is that he wants revenge of the disgusting people that did this to his friend. But, how? he is just an ordinary boy, right?
Well, he was.
Meet iBoy. Part boy. Part phone. For Tom, and everyone involved, nothing will ever be the same again..

For me, this book was superb. It was written really well by Brooks, it flowed amazingly well and I could not put it down until I reached the last page. The story was so gripping, so intense, that I actually felt like I was Tom, that I became the characters every time I picked up the book, this is an exceptional quality for an author to have, and one which Brooks certainly has. This proves to be true with iBoy. It flowed so well that it made me want read more books by Brooks! (and I just might - so look out for that)

It was also a very original story too, definitely one I wouldn't think of! It was also extremely intriguing, I couldn't stop reading until I got to the very last page, which is a great quality to have in a book.

I also really respect Brooks as an author because of the way he dealt with the sensitive subject in the book - rape. It was handled really well and professionally, while still making it so younger readers will still understand with what Lucy was going through and so really made me see, and like, the book on a completely different level and really made me respect Brooks as an author.

My favourite character would have to be Tom, even though the way he deals with his new powers can make you go a little bit like "why did you do that?" He always does the right thing in the end, though I must add that the things he does that make you think that are completely justified because if you think about it, most people would've done the same thing in if they were in the same situation. And the maturity he shows when dealing with his new found powers really impressed me I also really liked the way he cared about his Gram (yup, thats what he calls her, its not spelled wrong) - its really sweet. All in all he was extremely well written and you could really believe he was real. (I wish he was, I'd love to meet him, or even better, to have his powers!)

So if you'd like a book that is superhero meets modern technology meets gang-filled London, this is the definite book for you! I think that its a great read and its by a great author too! I would give it an age rating of 13+ or mature readers (because of sensitive subjects) and a personal rating of 7/10
Thanks for reading!
W-O-W xoxoxo
Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling e.c.t. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thankyou! xoxoxo

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