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Stuck on Me - Hilary Freeman review!

This is my eleventh review for the BBC! :)

Stuck on Me is the second book in the Camden Town Tales series by Hilary Freeman.

This is a book that I was lucky enough to win a Girls Heart Books competition! (Link to the webiste can be found here! So thankyou so much to the website, Hilary and her publishers for sending it to me, I am extremely greatful and I really did enjoy reading it! Here is my review.

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

I think this is an amazing cover, the colours are beautiful and blend really well together, they also give a very relaxing, cheery feel to the story inside, which is great! I also love all the little doodle like picture that are coming out of the phone, they are really cute and I think a great addition to the cover, so yes, all in all I love this cover! It is the perfect one for this book.

The story in question is about fourteen year old Sky, a teenage girl,who,  like most teenagers, are insecure about the way they look. Sky, for instance, is convinced that her nose is growing faster than the rest of her face! What's even worse for her is that the rest of her family (apart from the dad she's never met and doesn't know much about) have noses she considers absolutely perfect.

Then, one day, before a holiday, Sky finds out that she has her long lost dads nose, and that makes her determined to finally find him, what she can't understand is that why her mom refuses to help her, I mean, her dad didn't do anything that bad, did he?

Together with her best friends Rosie and Vix, Sky sets out on the journey to discover her dad, and visits many plastic surgery clinics on the way - so Sky can get rid of her horrible nose once and for all.

But this isn't your average journey as its full of the average teenage troubles, such as Sky's six month boyfriend Rich acting differently, like he isn't interested anymore.. Could it be to do with her hideous nose? with the added joy of it taking place in Camden Town, London!

This is a story full of love and laughs, and definitely one that's not to be missed!

I will start off by saying that this is quite a book for girls, unfortunately. But if any of you boys have ever wanted to know how a teenage girls mind works (such as why they might sometimes ask you if a certain part of their body looks big) then this would be a very interesting and educational read! But yes, it is very much on the Chick Lit side.

Not that that makes the book bad, or less worthy of a read! It actually makes it a very fun read, and it really, really will make you feel better about yourself when you get to the end, like it did to me! Its great for a good giggle too! Especally when Sky goes to see a doctor about her nose (who just so happens to be her friend Rosie's mom!) and she gets the complete wrong end of the stick! It was an hilarious part and I laughed so much after reading that part that I had to put the book down for a second!

It isn't just a funny read either, its also a very inspirational book too, for instance the friendship that Sky, Rosie and Vix share seems very realistic and sweet, they are very supportive friends, even coming round all the plastic surgery clincs with her! Also the way that they support her throughout the book is lovely. Also the way Sky's mom is extremely honest and lovely at the end of the book to Sky is really touching. Freeman is great at writing characters and the realistic situations she gives them are great, it makes them all very real, like you could meet them one day!

Out of all the characters in the book my absolute favourite one would have to be Sky, she is hilarious and extremely real at the same time, she even reminds me of some of my friends! The great thing about her is that Freeman has made her so much like a real teenager that you almost start to believe that she is, so much so that by the end of the book you almost forget that she is fictional! This book has really shown me what a great author Freeman is, and I may even read the rest of the Camden Town Tales series because of this.

I loved the little twist at the end too, were Freeman introduces my second favourite character (no spoilers, go and read the book to find out!) I wasn't expecting this and I loved it. It was a fabulous ending to a great, feel-good book.

I will recommend this to anyone who loves a good laugh and a great story, though it maybe suited slightly better to girls. I would give it an age rating of 11+ and I would give it a personal rating of 7/10.

Thanks for reading!
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