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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green review!

This is my second non-BBC review! :)

I've just become a Nerdfighter. Granted, I am not a very good one, but I am still a Nerdfighter. Finally. (Again, feel like such aa idiot for only just discovering the awesome community now!) But having found out that one of the Green brothers wrote books, (i.e. my absolute favourite thing,) I decided that I would start with his most recent novel, TFiOS. I'm really, really glad I am. So here is my review!

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

Now I think that this is an absolutely beautiful cover. The colours work really, really well, they aren't too bright, or bland, they just blend together really well and give quite a uplifting and dream-like feel to the story inside, which I think is great. The blue used on this cover is very much like the sky, which also attributes to what I said above. (Also note the clouds!) In short, this is the perfect cover for this book. It really sets the right mood for the story and I love it.

The story itself is about quite a sensitive subject: children with cancer. But not just that. It is about life and death and everything in between. It is about thinking and effects of dying and cancer perks and arrogant, disgusting authors, video games, Amsterdam, and many, many other wonderful and but sometimes not, things.

More importantly, the story is about 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster, a young girl whose cancer has now rendered her lungs near useless, and making her more or less reliable on a oxygen tank to breathe. Having been pulled out of school three years ago due to her condition, Hazel doesn't really have any friends. Which might be what caused her mother to think that Hazel was depressed. Or maybe it was because Hazel spends all her free time thinking about death. After all, Cancer is a side affect of dying.

Now having been diagnosed with depression, Hazel is being forced to attend a Cancer support group. Which is nearly worse than thinking about death. That is, until steps in Augustus Waters, a smart, witty, and charming seventeen year old whose Cancer caused him to lose a leg.

This book, even more importantly, is about their love story. It is beautiful, true, and sad. And it is through this love story that Hazel learns to live again.

This is an amazing book, it really is. Green presents onto you a story of truths, questions, wonderings, sadness and love. Green is a great author, he really is, he really makes you think. The words he certain uses, the circumstances he puts the characters themselves in, or the questions that they ask. Even as you get caught up with whats happening in the book, your brain never stops. You almost become the characters, as the reality and meaning of the questions hit home with the reader, as I can guarantee that we all have asked the same questions once in our lives. Will I be loved? Will I be remembered? Have I made my mark on this universe? Green is a great author because he makes you think, and that really is a great skill to have as a author.

Another reason I admire Green as a author is that he can take such a sensitive subject, like children with Cancer, and craft it into such a beautiful, meaningful story that really speaks to you as a reader, even though some of us have no idea what these children have to go through, what heroes they are. I really identified with the characters, even they are far more brave than I will ever be. You feel like you become them, you feel their anger, their joy, and sometimes their grief. Green really is talented.

You meet many characters in this book with Cancer some who survive - others who very sadly, don't. My favourite out of all of them has to be Hazel - she is a amazing main character. She is strong, stubborn, and very, very real. You could almost expect to see her walk down the street. Her courage, and her wisdom, really made her stand out for me as a character.

This really is a fantastic book, it flows really well from page to page, you never want to put it down! Though the ending is sad (no spoilers) I highly recommend that everyone read this book. It'll make you laugh, cry, nod in agreement, and much more. Green is an outstanding author and this book will to to everyone. So, go on, read it, and feel all the things. You will definitely not regret it. I will give this book a 9/10 and a age rating of 13+ (as there is a little swearing.)

**TFiOS is dedicated to a young Nerdfighter, Esther Earl, who sadly died from the same Cancer that Hazel has two years ago. There has been foundation set to honour her memory and to help support families who have children with Cancer financially called the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation. It is an amazing foundation and an amazing tribute to Esther, to help fundraise, to donate, or to find out more, please check out the link to the website, which can be found here. Thankyou, and RIP Esther*

Thanks for reading!
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