Monday, 2 January 2012

You, Me and Thing: The Curse of the Jelly Babies - Karen McCombie review!

Here is my second review for the BBC!

I got this book a while ago, having been a big Karen McCombie fan for a while, but I never read this one. (I thought it was a little below my age group for me to like it.) My younger sister did read it, however, to mixed feelings. On one hand, she said, she liked the story. But on the other, she said it was a little rushed and seemed to be written for a lower age group than she first expected.
So I decided to see if I felt the same way.

This is what the front cover looks like:

All the illustration in this book was done by the great illustrator Alex T. Smith, who has amazing looking black and white artwork scattered around the book that helps tell the story a little better, though they would look better in colour. I do think this was a great touch to add to the book though.

When I first started reading, I thought the book seemed to be aimed at the around 9+ age group, what with the main characters being 9 years old themselves. Also the book isn't that long, being around 134 pages.

The story is told by young Ruby, who is a very sweet character. She wastes no time describing her anger when her beloved Muir Wood was paved down to make way for a estate of brand new houses.
Though she, and the new (and very annoying!) boy at school and her neighbour Jackson Miller, soon discover that there is somebody else isn't so happy about the wood being knocked down either.
That person is very fluffy, and quite honestly a very adorable little thing. Called, well, Thing. 

Even though it may for be written certain age group (about 7+, in my opinion.) and it has a few little flaws (In my opinion she sounds a little more mature thsn 9 in some parts of the book.) It is still a very easy and enjoyable read, full of magic, things, jelly babies and magic! and I would recommend this to anyone in the age group, or  Karen McCombie fan. This is another good read from her, the series has the oppurtunity  to be a real gem. I would give it 6/10.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and  if there are any typos, grammer mistakes e.c.t. I'm really sorry! Please let me know so I can fix it.
and please comment with your opinions, on the book or this review. I'd love to hear them!
Thankyou for reading!
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