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This is not forgiveness - Celia Rees review!

This is my seventh review for the BBC! :)

This is not forgiveness is another book which I was privileged enough to receive after being one of the 'early bird' reviewers this month. A huge thanks to Kirsty and Bloomsbury Books for sending me the book! :)

This is what the front cover looks like:

I actually quite like this book cover, true, it is quite a basic one and doesn't have many bright colours on it or anything, but it does add quite a mystery feel to the story, which works really well, and really compelled me to read this book. and, to be honest, I'm so glad I did read this book.

The story is told by three people: Jamie, his brother Rob, just returned from the army in Afghanistan and the mysterious Caro.

Jamie wanted Caro to notice him, and can't believe his luck when she does. Rob is secretive, out of reach. Except with Caro, he can tell her anything.
Caro doesn't know who to choose, but she does know one thing: she wants to make a difference in the world, and there is only one way to do it..

This is not forgiveness is a very well written book. It is very different, but is packed full of fabulous explosives.

Its quite difficult to explain how I felt when I read this book, it is a very emotive and dangerous storyline.
But all I can say is this, Celia Rees is a wonderful author, to be able to write the average male teen that is Jamie, the mysterious and aloof Caro and the very broken Rob, throwing them into a absolutely amazing plot (I really didn't expect the ending!) and coming back with the masterpiece that is This is not forgiveness.

Also I never really like stories that are told by multiple characters, as there are usually big gaps in the story, certain things in the story aren't explained properly or I get bored really easily.
But this was written expertly. There were no dull moments when I was reading this. Rees really is a fabulous author, all three of the characters points of view in this book were extremely believable, and there were absolutely no plot holes. 5 stars for this!

The characters are extremely well written, and very believable. You start to feel and care for them all, almost understanding why they think what they think and did what they did. That is a great skill to have and Rees executes it perfectly. 
I would give this book a very well deserved 6 & 3/4 /10 (just because this was a very twisty story and perhaps a little too dark, in a strange way, for me. But it is a wonderful story anyway! and I highly recommend it.)

But I must say this isn't a book for younger, or quite sensitive readers. This is a very big thriller and has quite a lot of adult themes inside it. Also at some points in the book the story gets very deep and dark. But I do believe it was written in the right way, and that Rees handled the these subjects in the book very well, which is a great skill to have.
So because of this I would rate this book 14+.

I strongly recommend you read this exceptional book. It is a whirlwind of subjects and characters and one big thing.
This is not forgiveness: far from it.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. How do you enter the comp... and how do you get the book?!(: xxx

    1. Hi,do you mean the British Book Challenge? If you do it'll take too long to explain in this comment, but if you click on the British Books Challenge button (under the Girls<3Books one) on the hand right side, it will tell you all you have to do, and will explain better than I could! :)
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    2. Thankyou!!

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  2. Hi there! thanks for this excellent review - wonderfully detailed without giving anything away - that is some skill!

    1. Thankyou very much Celia, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, it really means a lot! and I look forward to reviewing more of your books in the future.
      All the best,
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  3. Great review! Agree with Celia that it's very hard to make it that detailed without giving anything away but you did it really well. I've read this but haven't got round to reviewing it yet - I liked it but would definitely agree with your warning, it's certainly one I'd only recommend for mature teens.

    1. Thankyou very much for your kind comment! - I can't wait to read your opinion on TINF.
      W-O-W xoxo