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Shininggift (Etsy store) - Golden Snitch necklace review!

Hey everyone!
So, keeping with the book theme of this blog, I have decided to review the Harry Potter series (big Harry Potter fan!) themed necklace I bought the other day from a amazing store called Shininggift (isn't that the most beautiful name?) on the website Etsy, a link to the Shininggift store can be found here!
Now for all of you who don't know, Etsy is a online website where people from all over the world sell their handmade and or vintage items in their own stores. It really is a fantastic website, I could spend hours on there everyday (actually.. I do!)
After many hours of brousing the necklace section of Etsy (as I have an healthy obsession with long charm necklaces at the moment,) I came accross a absolutely beautiful golden snitch necklace! This is what it looks like:

Isn't it wonderful? I knew I had to have it when I saw it. (Oh and I'm sorry I can't use my own pictures! The lighting is really bad and my webcam refuses to co-operate. I'm really sorry.)
The chain size is 80cm (31.49 inches) It really is the perfect length too, I would post a picture to demonstrate but my webcam hates me. But trust me on this one, its great! Though if you do find it a problem it is easily adjustable. The chain is also alloy and nickel and lead free!

The wings on the Snitch are double sided too so you can have them either way round and that won't be a problem!

I have already worn this necklace lots of times and its really good. It subtly shows people that you are a fan of the series while not rubbing it in their face (I hate things that do this.) So thats great. I also like the look of peoples face when they realise where the necklace is from! :) It really is a must for any Harry Potter fan!

There is also another magical twist hidden inside the necklace, which I really loved, ready?

You open it up and its a watch! How brilliant is that?! The watch is great at keeping the time too! The watch is also stainless steel.

This necklace is also really cheap as well. For the wonderful quality and the basically magical necklace, I expected it to cost an awful lot more than it did. So this is definately something you can afford.

The necklace also comes gift wrapped in its own little bag (which I can't show... curse you webcam!) But that was a lovely suprise as I have gotten jewlery before and the packaging has been awful. So that was great.

I've never actually reviewed a product before (just books) so I'm sorry that I can't do this absolutely well, magical, piece of jewlery justice. But if you are a Harry Potter fan or just love a brilliant necklace. I cannot reccomend this enough!

I have to warn you about something though, the necklace and everything from Shininggift's shop is sent from China so it may take a while to get to you. Shininggift has had a few bad reviews because of this but for the fantastic items and incredible price, I think waiting a little longer for the jewlery to arrive is a fair price to pay, to be honest.

Shininggift's Etsy store is also a treasure trove of astounding items. I really wish I had more money so I could buy all the marvelous items she has on sale there, because I would buy every single one of them. (I'd love to go 'Accio money!' but sadly I am just a muggle. Sigh...) But maybe one day I can review a few more Shinginggift items on this blog. *crosses fingers*

So all in all this is a majestic necklace and I would give it a very big 9/10! If you have any doubts on buying this product, you will love it. Absolutely love it. I'm so glad I bought mine!

Please visit Shinggift's Etsy store by clicking here!
Or if you would like to buy or find out more infomation about the Golden Snitch necklace, please click here!

I hope you enjoyed this review!
Thanks for reading!
W-O-W xoxoxo
Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, bad spelling e.c.t. Please let me know in a comment so I can fix it! and comments & follows are hugs<3 This is all my opinion. Please no negative comments because of my opinion expressed in these reviews. Thankyou! xoxoxo

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