Monday, 16 January 2012

Shine - Kate Maryon review!

This is my fifth review for the BBC! :)

Shine by Kate Maryon is another book I discovered at the library, but I actually have my own copy now, I had just saved up enough to buy it, then I got a complete stroke of luck and won a signed copy of Shine on a amazing blog called GirlsHeartBooks! (and yes, it throughly made my day!) so thanks to the site and to Kate for that, I am really grateful! <3 and that already tells you how good this book is!

This is what the front cover of the book looks like:

The cover is what actually made me choose this book the first time at the library (yes, again!) It really is a truly amazing cover, its so imaginative and really, really beautiful. The colours are fantastic! it really sets a great atmosphere for the story inside, which doesn't disappoint.

The story is told by Tiff, your normal 12 year old girl. Except something about Tiff isn't exactly normal, her mom, Clara. 

Even though Tiff loves her glitzy super-star mom, she can't help thinking where all the pretty new things that her mom brings home came from...

Tiff's mom is a thief.

And she's about to get caught.

After Clara ends up in prison, Tiff live is ripped to pieces. She ends up being pushed from pillar to post, finally ending up on a remote island with family that her mom has never mentioned.

How will she survive?

One things for sure, this really is a book that's Shines above all others.

Tiff is an outstanding character, superbly written, Maryon is such a fantastic writer when it comes to bringing her characters to life, you can feel Tiff's worry, pain and finally, joy, throughout the book. She seems so real I can imagine her walking the streets! As the book is told through her world, her eyes, you really feel that the experiences happening in the book are happening to you.

Maryon also has a big talent for writing in a delicate, but effective way. I found the book quite sad in parts (as you really get into the story.) But the gentle, flowing, outstanding way that Maryon writes makes you never want to stop reading! Which was a real shame when I came to the end of the book!

This book is very emotional and touching, and you never want to stop reading until you find out that all is well with Tiff and her family. I'm not going to spoil the ending but I will say that I loved it. It really completed the book. I would give it a age group of about 9+ but I am above that and I really, really enjoyed it! The age group is just put there as a guideline so if you are a little younger or quite a bit older, I would definitely read this book.

Kate Maryon is a wonderful author, I hope she gets more recognition in the future! I rate this book a very, very big 8/10.

Kate Maryon is another new add to my absolute-top-favourite authors list and I will absolutely try my very hardest to review a lot more Kate Maryon books.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Gorgeous review! Thanks so much Chloe, xx

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  2. Lovely review! Shine has a really pretty front cover!

    Jessica from Booked Up!

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    1. Thankyou! and yes, its beautiful isn't it? :) xoxo