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My name is Mina - David Almond review!

This is my third review for the BBC!
**I'm sorry I haven't posted this as quickly as my other reviews, I've been really busy. But here it is!**

My name is Mina is the amazing prequel to David Almond's critically acclaimed Skellig. I was at the library looking through the shelves when I discovered My name is Mina.
This is what the front cover looks like:

Isn't is beautiful? Now I know the saying is 'don't judge a book by its cover!' but sometimes I can't help it, and as soon as I saw this one amongst the other books on the shelf that day, I knew I had to read it! Its just such a wonderful cover!

The book itself is about young Mina, a girl who has finally decided to start her journal. But this isn't going to be an ordinary journal, sometimes Mina will only write one word on a page, or leave whole pages blank, or she will write the most amazing poems or tell your her stories. 
Like when she got taken out of school for being strange. (Well according to her teaches she had always been strange, but this just pushed them over the edge.) She wrote a page of absolute nonsense for her SATS exam - Which made me admire her even more, and it was a really great piece of writing, you just had to read it properly. So her mom decides to home school her from now on.

Mina loves her life now she doesn't have to go to her horrid cage-like school anymore, all she wants to do is sit in her tree, with the birds, and wonder or write or do nothing at all. Or maybe make some clay models or read poetry or go out for a walk.

Or write in her journal.

The way Almond writes as Mina is truly outstanding. You really get sucked into each entry. (Especially the story where she goes to look for her deceased father in the 'Underworld' - that's one of my favourites.)
And its not that the entries are well written either, they also really make you think. When she writes about the Earth, or about herself being a bird, for example. They really stood out to me, Mina may be a child, but she does talk quite a lot of sense.

Also the extraordinary tasks that are set out at nearly the end of every chapter, they are really great things to do and they make a great addition to the book too. The way the book is set out, as well, where some pages are black but written on in white font for emphasise when she tells you the Underworld story, just little things like that made me love the book even more.

I think this book is a complete breath of fresh air and Almond deserves all the praise in the world for the thought-provoking masterpiece that is My name is Mina. I won't spoil what happens at the end (though you'll probably know if you've read Skellig.) And I am so, so glad that I read this before it. If you have any doubts about reading this book, read it. Even if you are a little worried that some parts may be hard to understand at first or any others doubts you may have. It will really make a difference to how you feel about everything. It did to me.

I rate this book about 11+ (though that is my opinion!) and I give it a very well deserved 9/10. And I will definitely be buying my own copy and reviewing other David Almond books in the future.

Thanks for reading!
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