Thursday, 12 January 2012

Girls Heart Books button

Hello there all you lovely people that read this blog! :)

You may notice the brand new fabulous looking button that I've added to this blog.
This is what the button in question looks like:

I must inform you that this button does a really magical thing.. if you click on it, it takes you to one of the best blogs ever!
Its called, well, Girls Heart Books and its a daily blog written by some of the greatest writers of their age groups (which is 8-14, in case you were wondering.)
Girls Heart Books is such a great blog because each blog post is so insightful, and sometimes if you comment your favourite author replies! :D
Girls Heart Books offers some great book giveaways and they have just added a new feature, called Your Stuff, where if you email GHB with the link for your blog, they might add it to their list!
So please click on the button, you won't regret it, it really is a great blog!!
Or alternatively you can click here :) xoxo

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  1. IMPORTANT: Oh and I forgot to add, you have to be aged 8-14 to be able to have your blog on their list, sorry xoxo