Saturday, 14 January 2012

Don't get me started..

Well, in this case, do.
You see, in my English class at school we have just finished doing an essay titled.. (10 points if you've guessed already!) Don't get me started on.. [Insert your chosen topic here.]

Which I found quite a good topic to give to people my age, I mean, isn't it better to release your anger through words than actions?

Now I have quite a lot of things you shouldn't get me started on, to be honest. So choosing the topic I was going to have to direct my words of anger to wasn't going to be a very easy task for me.

In the end, I must confess that I didn't choose my very biggest thing you shouldn't get me started on to write about, but that was mainly because there was a maximum page length on this essay and if I did choose that one, the essay would've been a lot longer than my teacher wanted, trust me.

But I do believe that writing this essay was very beneficial for me, it helped release a lot of my anger, and I believe, to the best of my knowledge, that it helped the other people in my class too.

So I guess what I'm trying the say is, what I have learnt from this experience is, that the next time you feel angry with someone or something, anything at all, however small or big or silly or important, grab the nearest piece of paper and pen (or computer) and write. Let the anger flood from your fingertips like a river, use words you never even knew existed, (making up your own words is even better!) and just write your raw emotions until you feel better.

Because it really does help.

Oh, and what did I write about in my essay?

Don't get me started.. ;)

W-O-W xoxoxo

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